Digigraphie® Fine Art Photographer Ida Giroday Releases Original Series ROOTS

Digigraphie® artist and fine art photographer Ida Giroday releases her original series ROOTS.

Online PR News – 12-December-2014 – Crozon, France – Digigraphie┬« artist and fine art photographer Ida Giroday officially releases her series of original art works ROOTS.

The ROOTS series is a joyful tribute to those who were not necessarily provided with steadfast roots early in life but decided to build some of there own.
The series uniquely combines Ida Giroday's background in both fine art and photography.
Only one print of each artwork will be edited and Digigraphie® certified.

┬źAs with painting, I consider each piece of the ROOTS series unique and therefore only one print will be made.
It is important that also in the discipline of photography a collector may have the satisfaction of owning the only existing print as opposed to one in 30 or 300... 
Photography is an exciting tool that allows me to seize the moment. Creating the final artwork however takes time and a whole series may take years, just as with ┬ź┬átraditional┬á┬╗ fine art techniques.
It makes sense to me that even if printed, photographic art can be unique and, as such, considered at par with, for example, a painting.
Digigraphie® is the only label of excellence that it garantees the collector both the quality of the print and its limited edition, a vital issue, in my opinion, for an artist's credibilty. »

The series is represented by Xanadu Gallery, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

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Ida Giroday is an emerging Swedish fine art photographer and a Digigraphie® artist currently residing in Brittany, France.

Ida Giroday expresses her passion:
ÔÇťPhotography allows me to catch a glimpse of eternity. Visual beauty brushes the human soul and in an instant, time and space disappear, placing me in a place of sheer stillness. My aim is to share these moments of bliss and touch my fellow humans.ÔÇŁ

Ida Giroday often works on several projects at the same time which may quite differ in style and pace .
However, visual sensations are always central to every creative action she takes and Nature her main source of inspiration.
While photography is the foundation for her creative work, it is used as a tool and not as an end.
Ida Giroday's background in fine arts clearly permeates her creativity and adds another dimension to her work, enhancing the expressed emotions.

Ida Giroday is listed with Artprice, the global leader in art market information.
She caters to art collectors, interior designers and companies worldwide and her work is showcased around the globe.

Labeled Digigraphie® artist, Ida Giroday masters the complete process from shooting to museum-quality Digigraphie® printing.
Each artwork is authenticated, signed, embossed with her personal Digigraphie® stamp and accompanied by its certificate, thus insuring the art collector full traceability.

Digigraphie® is the label of excellence that guarantees the art collector both the quality of the printed photography AND its limited edition.

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