Las Vegas Internet Marketing Company Announces New Client:

Las Vegas Internet Marketing Company Announces New Client for Small Business Internet Marketing Campaign

Online PR News – 01-September-2009 – – Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Internet Marketing Company announces the signing of their new client; will be providing with small business internet marketing and web design assistance.

Ronald Brown, the President of believes that small businesses can only benefit from the company branding and advertisement opportunities that Internet marketing strategies can provide. Especially when that small business strives to help their community by giving them a voice. He states, "Centro Hispano is a law-firm that caters to Spanish-Speaking individuals who otherwise, may have a hard time finding representation. With website optimization, SEO, and search engine marketing tools; we will be able to increase this site's chances of being found in organic search results - thus, making it easier for those who are seeking legal representation." At the affordable prices that offers these services, it also allows this company, as well as any small business, to also keep their fees down. He adds, ""Businesses are seeking returns on their marketing dollars. The most sensible way to accomplish that is to shift their advertising focus off of the expensive, conventional means, and onto inbound Internet marketing." is a Spanish-Speaking law firm that specializes in bankruptcy, immigration, income tax litigation, and divorce proceedings. The firm was founded by Helmer Milla and Armando Contreras because they saw the void in serving the Latino community in Las Vegas, Nevada. has filled that void by constantly updating themselves with the latest laws and regulations in order to provide the most efficient service to their community.

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