Best On Puerto Vallarta Now Offering Three New Puerto Vallarta ATV Tours: Rio Cuale, Botanical Gardens, and Mayto Beach

Top Puerto Vallarta tours and activities center unveils three brand new Puerto Vallarta ATV tours in three unique locations throughout the Puerto Vallarta wilderness: Rio Cuale, Botanical Gardens, and Mayto Beach

Online PR News – 31-August-2009 – – Best On Puerto Vallarta is excited to announce the introduction of three new tours to its ever-expanding list of quality Puerto Vallarta tours and activities. This summer, Best On Puerto Vallarta launched three new Puerto Vallarta ATV tours including the Rio Cuale ATV tour, the Botanical Gardens ATV Tour, and the Mayto Beach ATV Tour.

Puerto Vallarta attractions are known for taking Puerto Vallarta visitors out to amazing natural environments that are found throughout the Puerto Vallarta region. The ATV Tours are unique from other tours in that they can take you to parts of the dense forests that most other Puerto Vallarta tours cannot access. These three Puerto Vallarta ATV tours in particular take you to one-of-a-kind areas just outside of Puerto Vallarta for an experience like no other. There are no Vallarta attractions quite like these.

Each tour is guided by a fully bilingual tour guide who is familiar with all the ins and outs of Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas. Guests jump aboard one seater, off-road ATV vehicles and follow the tour guide on a four hour journey through local Mexican villages, fantastical forest ecosystems, and outstanding lookout spots.

The Rio Cuale ATV tour takes guests through rural Mexican villages, up to one of the region's best elevated lookout spots, and then onto the river canopy. The Botanical Gardens tour takes you on a tour of the exotic flora and fauna of the Puerto Vallarta rainforest and then to a tequila tasting tour in the village of Don Chendo. The Mayto Beach ATV Tour takes you out to a more remote Puerto Vallarta beach area and through two distinct villages.

"Puerto Vallarta tours and Puerto Vallarta attractions were lacking this type of trip that takes you to these more out-of-the-way or off-the-beaten-path sorts of places," says Best On Puerto Vallarta president Adrian Martinez. "We are featuring the ATV tours on our site and we are expecting our visitors to really like and appreciate these tours."

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