Medigoo.Com Online Health Website Receives Over 10,000 Visitors

The website is run by Medigoo Inc. founded in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland, to provide health information to consumers for free.

Online PR News – 03-December-2014 – Helsinki, Finland – Helsinki, Finland: website was launched on 18th Nov 2014 to provide free online health information to consumers. The public launch was made at the Impact Track of Slush, the largest start-up event in the Northern Europe. Since its public launch two weeks ago the website has received 10,000 international unique visitors, of whom almost 20% have returned back again to browse the website. makes available its database of vast selection, thousands of pages of articles about various illnesses in English language. These exhibit the illness descriptions, causes and risk factors, symptoms and treatment options. One can match illnesses and treatments in the most relevant sorting order by writing down the symptoms into the search box. The site implements adaptive responsive technology making the information easily accessible by any browser on all computers, tablets and smartphones.

The initial success of the website gives confidence for the public need of quality health information worldwide. Over 10,000 unique visitors in less than two weeks for a new service is really an impressive number, when taking into account that almost 20% of them are return visitors. Most of the people have been from the UK and India, and we now have new strong growth from the USA and Ireland. We were surprised to see a reasonable number of visitors from Spain. We estimate that the English speaking seniors and retirees there are looking for answers to their health issues. Another surprise was the number of visitors from Russia. Apparently, many foreigners there want to have reliable information in English language. Mr. Mika Karilahti, Co-Founder and CEO of says. first offers the service in English speaking countries. The website aims to help people who want to educate themselves with the possible illness and treatment information before seeing a doctor, and people who want to hear a second opinion.

The website is run by Medigoo Inc. founded in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland, to provide health information to consumers for free. After several years of development work the website in English language was publicly launched on 18th Nov 2014. Medigoo Inc. has received financial support from the Finnish Government via ELY-Centre Uusimaa for business development and from TEKES for technology development. The company is now preparing its next funding round to interested Investors.

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