New Individual Access to Online Databases for Writers: Anytime, Anywhere!

The best online references are now available individually to writers. writers can now research and keep up to date independently.

Online PR News – 12-August-2010 – – The best, most scholarly journals are usually held in online subscription databases. subscribes to these at their offices, but this does not help much for work done at home. However, is now making these resources available to individual writers, offsite.
You know the frustration! The perfect reference article pops up in a search. However, when you follow the link, the source turns out to be housed in a database accessible only by subscription, such as JSTOR, or BioOne, Project Muse, or Academic Search Premier. “Dead in the water” describes your progress at this point! has solved this problem for our writers by arranging for them to access scholarly databases for use offsite. Now writers can research from home or elsewhere using the most prestigious journals available.
They can also keep abreast of developments in their field through relevant periodicals. This will deepen their expertise, and enhance their writing and research capabilities.
The gold standard for periodicals in the sciences and humanities is always the peer-reviewed journal. Full text articles from such publications represent income for writers and researchers. staffers have, for some time now, had office access to online databases indexing these journals.
Now however, they may access this valuable resource “wherever”. This means that they will be able to work anywhere, anytime.
They will also be able to keep up to date professionally. We can only imagine the increase in productivity this may foster for writers. Finally, we expect that having this resource will increase writer satisfaction, since it increases their autonomy and independence.
About has a history of taking initiatives which enhance their writers’ experience. This is simply the most recent.
You can count on to enhance all of your documents as well. Our professional staff can shepherd you through all the phases of any project. You may exit the other end a much improved writer, yourself!
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