Online Gardener now in the finals for Business Awards!

Our system will see the everyday gardener in their clients backyards, planting nutritious food for far less than you will pay in a supermarket. Weve created employment AND of course we all get to reduce our global footprint!


An online gardening service is aiming at reducing unemployment, our global footprint, as well as providing access to nutritious vegetables.
This business has been selected as a finalist in the Northern Region Sustainable Business Network Awards. The Awards evening will be held on Auckland on 3 September.

Sai and Rachael Fuimaono from Kaeo came up with the internet marketing scheme as a response to the global recession. They felt that if people have further options via their home garden, this may in turn lessen the amount spent at the supermarket, and could provide their families with healthy food.

The Online Gardener provides the expertise to grow your own vegetables or if you are looking for employment may even set up your own Online Gardener business creating backyard gardens for others, promoting sustainability.

Growing your own vegetables is something that used to be commonplace in New Zealand but much of the knowledge has been lost with the fast food generation.
The Fuimaono’s, who have three children under three, believe that the time is right to regain these skills.

The Online Garden service is budget-priced to allow access for low income families. Many people have endorsed the scheme including Mayor of the Far North District Wayne Brown and WINZ.

The need to get back in touch with the soil to provide our own healthy food while saving money is something that is being recognized worldwide. Pupils at low income schools in New Zealand are learning how to grow gardens and even First Lady Michelle Obama has created a vegetable plot behind the White House.

Although the Online Gardener was launched only recently, it is already going global.

The American Online Gardener is fronted by Nashville-based TV chef Steve Mydelski who provides unique content for US and NZ subscribers.

He says, “I am so excited to be part of this business, which is well overdue in our country and all over the world. With this system in place, people will have access to good nutritious food right in their own backyards and those currently unemployed will enjoy further employment options. It is a win-win situation.”

There are also plans to launch in the UK, Australia and South Africa in the upcoming months.
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