Fight Back Now! Prevent Scams and Fraud.

"Where's Your Proof" is a powerful yet easy to use ebook that will show you the top frauds and scams and how you could fight back.

Online PR News – 31-August-2009 – – How many times have we known that we should have handled a situation better than we did? We assume all others are as honest as we are only to find out we are very wrong.

Ever been in an auto accident? Would you know if it was a set up? Did you know that set ups are so common that the top five actually have names?

How about hiring a contractor? Seems like everyday there's a story about another scam. Think you would know the right questions to ask and what credentials to ask for?

Security deposits are at the top of the list for most renters. Is there a way to prevent the hassle of getting your refund back?

The ebook also gives information on about fighting a traffic ticket, home inventory and dealing with a neighborly nuisance.

We supply the info, the forms, the right questions to ask and the links to handle just about any situation that you may find yourself in. It's time to fight back, and this is the very reason I became a paralegal. I used the knowledge to diligently and thoroughly research each of the situations mentioned. At the end of each chapter, you will find my forms that are easily printed to use as you like. They contain all the questions and info you'll need to tackle any of the situations given here. Links are also included for even more insight into your fight.

This ebook sells online (and may be previewed) at for $12.49 or you can visit and order the CD with a free documentation kit for $11.99 and shipping. is a family owned business dedicated to preventing scams and fraud from ruining your life, career or family lifestyle. In addition to the ebook, we also offer ID Services for children and senior citizens. We travel within the South Jersey area and you can find more info and details by visiting our web site. Thank you!