WWW.1HourWeave.COM has shattered all the myths about the multimillion dollar industry of hair weaving in America.

WWW.1HourWeave.COM has Shattered All the Myths about the Multimillion Dollar Industry of Hair Weaving in America with 1 Hour Service and 2 Million Hits.

Online PR News – 30-August-2009 – – 2 million hits indicates the importance of hair care services, specifically Hair Weaving and Hair Extension

services for African American Women in America.

TAMPA, Aug, 29 /ONLINEprnews.com/ -- For decades African American women had become accustomed to

spending 6 to 8 hours in the beauty salon to receive hair care services. If she wanted a trim

she planned on 4 hours or more. If she needed a relaxer or color service, she planned on 8 hours or more

basically ALL day. If she wanted braids or weave, she also planned on over 8 hours and as many as 2 days (depending on the

style desired). That means she would actually come back the next day to finished the style.

The current economic situation has everyone cutting back on eating out,

new clothes and travel, not to mention trips to sporting events, concerts and the theater, but they are not
skimping when it comes to their hair and salon visits.

1 Hour weave has been providing VIP level service to a large and growing population of women for more

than 10-years. Their exclusive technique is not like anything else in the market place. "This is a great honor for our salons," says Paashion inventor and General Manager "We are very proud of 1 Hour Weave and thrilled that our clients are discovering that a visit to 1 Hour Weave provides the ultimate in Hair Weave/Extension services. Our philosophy is to provide a beauty experience in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Our salons offer private and semi-private services amidst beautifully designed salons. Many with organic materials and textures such as natural stone, distressed wood, etched glass, and soft drapes. A very relaxing atmosphere.

Healthy Hair Weave has been the EVOLUTION of HAIR WEAVE. 5 years ago we were "Long Hair in 90 minutes". The technology has progressed. Using just 2 pieces of thread, the technique is founded on the same principles used to engineer suspension bridges.

"1 Hour Weave the Healthy Hair Weave"! The technology has always been THE HEALTHIEST ALTERNATIVE to traditional weaves. We are not new. Healthy Hair Weave is over 10 years old. We have salons in Tampa, Atlanta and Baltimore with a new "walk in" salon opening in EDast Point Georgia in Feb. 2010. We also service Chicago, Houston and Newark. Our complete service is about an hour! from start to finish! That's revolutionary! The technique is founded on the same principles used to engineer suspension bridges.

Using just 2 pieces of thread, 1 hour will give you a beautiful head of hair with no braids or glue. Even if you have 60% or 70% hair loss the technique will work." PAASHION - inventor of Healthy Hair Weave

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