Time and Money Saving Advice from The Mailing Room

The Mailing Room would like to share their years of experience of money saving in the office.

Online PR News – 30-August-2009 – – As we all know in this current economic climate we have to work that little bit harder (and smarter) to get new business or build on relationships with existing customers. So, every opportunity we have to present ourselves or get in front of customers must be taken. Below are a couple of tips which we have found quite simple, yet effective by using a folding inserting machine in our mailing room. Don't worry if you don't mail in large volumes, you can get a machine that's cost effective for just a few 100 items per week.

1) A folder inserter is an integral part of any mailing room, you'll save time and money just by having one
2) You can include a mail piece with existing mail such as invoices or statements advertising your other services/goods.
3) Once you have your folder inserter it can be used for sending out mail shots, newsletters or periodicals.
4) Combine it with a franking machine and the savings on your post will also add up

What does the Folder Inserter do?
Its simple, it takes a pile of letters or mailers, folds them up in the required format and then inserts them into the envelope for you. Easy!

Franking machines can save on average at least 2p on a first class, 3p on a second class and 6p on large letters and at the same time, giving mail a professional image. A professional image on an envelope could give you the edge when tendering for new business for example with personalisation of the franking imprint. A franking machine saves instantly on postage costs but also labour costs compared with the process of weighing and sticking individual stamps on. That coupled with the more professional look mean franking machines are the way forward for today’s businesses.

The type of machine you will need will mainly depend on the volume of your mail. If you want to have a look at a great range of folder inserters and franking machines from compact desktop versions to models that meet complex mailroom demands, visit the website of The Mailing Room on http://www.themailingroom.com