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Higizmo.com is a news aggregator; first of its kind on the entire web dedicated 100% for gadget news and technology news.

Online PR News – 29-August-2009 – – United States - Higizmo.com is a first of its kind website that is dedicated 100% to breaking news on the latest gadgets, gizmos and consumer electronics including phones, computers and cameras. The internet community is used to number of news aggregators online where they can get the latest news from a variety of areas. They can vote on the news items through which the popularity of the news item is determined. This is the first time ever a news aggregator is launched for gadgets news.

Higizmo.com uses a variety of sources including top news sources, websites, blogs, to find the latest news on all consumer items, gadgets and electronic products. This site is updated every 15 minutes. Users of Higizmo will never miss any gadget news. It sources news items from all over the world. Therefore, it is a complete source for all the latest gadget news. This saves time for those newsmongers that love gadget news on the latest phones, computers, cameras and other gadgets all in one place. This website does not only save time but it also saves the trouble of having to go through hundreds of web pages to source the latest information on phones, computers, cameras and other modern electronic gadgets and gizmos.

This is a very user friendly news aggregator on technology news. News items are displayed in various categories to make it easy for the users to gain easy access. Moreover, it has a classy mouse over feature. One need not even click on the news item to find the content of the news item. Users can have a quick skim of what each news item contains by just pointing on the news item. The content of the news item pops down. If the users are really interested in viewing the news item in their original context then can click on the news item to go to the original source. If they are not interested in getting the full story in their original context, they can just move on to the next news item. This is one of the cool convenient features that makes this website highly user friendly.

Higizmo.com does not contain any other unnecessary information that clutters. It is purely gadget news and nothing more. All news items can be quickly skimmed through without having to leave the page using the pop down by just pointing to the news. Higizmo.com is a free technology news site and it does not have any other marketing news or intrusive ads like the ones we find in the other news aggregators. To find the latest news items on all electronic consumer items and technology gadgets and gizmos visit http://www.higizmo.com - a repository of all the breaking gadget news from the entire web.