New AskMED Online Marketing Platform Connects Doctors with Prospective Patients

Powerful Search Application Bridges the Gap Between the Doctor’s Office and Patient’s Computer, Significantly Shortening Time and Effort Required to Find Care

Online PR News – 04-November-2014 – New York, NY – With the launch of AskMED’s free marketing platform,, doctors and patients now have a new way to find and connect with each other. AskMED’s extensive database of physicians, dentists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals serves as an online solution that bridges the gap between the doctor’s office and a patient’s computer or handheld device, speeding the process of researching professional credentials, experience, and ratings for fast and hassle-free decision making.

Over the past 3 years, more than 200 million people have searched the internet for a doctor, medical service, procedure or medical topic. With no proven system for finding a healthcare professional other than relying on referrals or taking a chance on phone listings, AskMED is the smarter way and the perfect solution for prospective patients to find a doctor or medical service. Through AskMED, they can easily search by specialty, insurance type, name, language, location and more, significantly shortening the time and effort required to find the care they need.

The AskMED platform displays a vast array of physician information, such as employment history, education, residency, fellowships, honors and more, along with photos, giving prospective patients a clearer idea of a doctor’s credentials and practice. Patients can book appointments as well as have direct contact with the physician’s office through AskMED, making it a complete one-stop shop for researching, finding, contacting and staying in touch with a healthcare professional.

AskMED serves as an effective marketing platform for healthcare professionals. Physician partners receive their own website with setup and management provided. They can host the AskMED application with no effort on their part and easily gain access to an ever wider pool of potential patients.

AskMED offers healthcare professionals online and social media marketing (Facebook, Google+, Youtube—and will even create free videos for them), along with SEO marketing services. Now physicians who would like to better market their practice online can do so easily, just by signing up with AskMED. They can also earn a percentage from advertisements and can pay to have their profile more visible to searchers in their area.

“We’re proud to have created a marketing platform that makes it very easy for physicians to get the word out about their practice in just minutes,” says Dmitriy Khabinski, CEO of AskMED. “Searching for the right medical care no longer need be such an arduous and often fruitless process for patients anymore. With AskMED they can find and connect with the right physician online, fast and painlessly, for the care they need.”

About AskMED and KBOS Holdings LLC
AskMED is a powerful, free marketing platform designed to better connect healthcare professionals with prospective patients. It’s the smarter way to find a doctor. AskMED’s management team has extensive experience in Software Development, Medical Marketing and Advertising, as well as Business Management. With a mission of improving communications between physicians and patients, providing marketing solutions for healthcare professionals, and promoting better accessibility to medical care, AskMED strives to meet customer needs of both sides of the examination table. AskMED is a product of KBOS Holdings, LLC. Visit