Neil Dhillon Celebrates Success in the Public Sector

Neil Dhillon, after serving in the Clinton administration successfully led two global public relations firms in Washington, DC to record growth.

Online PR News – 29-October-2014 – Washington, DC – In 1993, the annual White House Ceremony was taking place. The Clinton administration was in power at the time, and President Bill Clinton praised his top Asian American political appointees, including Neil Dhillon. Neil Dhillon was an ambitious and skilled policy expert in the global public affairs market, and has since helped foreign leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs and a number of influential figures secure deals, form relationships and communicate the results with mass media outlets.

As an agent of cross-table politics, Neil Dhillon is a collaborator who knows how to put his resources to use to gain the best possible outcome. Before his White House recognition, he was working as the Chief of Staff for U.S. Congressman Bob Matsui. Matsui was a California democrat who served fourteen consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives as a highly respected politician. Having worked directly under such a reputable figure helped form Neil Dhillon’s style of bipartisan collaboration that allows him to find solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Following his work for Matsui, Neil Dhillon served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government Affairs for the United States Department of Transportation. During that time his public relations skills flourished, and he eventually pursued them in private business. He became the Senior VP at Hill & Knowlton for six years. While there, he managed a large policy staff and led daily outreach to Congress, the White House, state governments and assorted government agencies. Following his work at Hill & Knowlton, Neil Dhillon became the U.S. Director of Public Affairs for Financial Dynamics Communications. While there, he provided expert policy intelligence to the firm’s international clientele in Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. Later, he took as position as Managing Director at Ruder Finn. He set up interviews and other deals between CEOs and top executives of high-profile client companies with media outlets such as CNN, NPR, The New York Times and the Washington Post.

With all of his incredible experience, he then led two powerful global public relations firms’ Washington, DC offices to record growth and tremendous name recognition. Now he serves as the top lobbyist and arranges client meetings with the White House and government leaders. Now celebrating a career rich in decades of fulfilling experience, Neil Dhillon hasn’t missed a step. He plans to further pursue his skills as a global public affairs expert to continue being a driving force in international relations and commerce.

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