Reema Shah Celebrates Multiple Business Successes

Reema Shah is a Successful Businesswoman

Online PR News – 29-October-2014 – New York, NY – When it comes to successful and strong women figures in the world of business, Reema Shah has celebrated a long professional career of driving growth wherever she plants seeds. Her business acumen is impressive, reflecting a list of modest yet profitable endeavors that have boosted her personal success as well as created jobs for fellow New Yorkers to thrive upon. She is a person who sees opportunity where others don’t, where every handshake comes with a chance for greatness and every plot of land has something to offer. Below, she shares her ideas so that other future business leaders can be inspired from her creativity and business savvy, and possibly find their own ways to make it in private business.

Artists Anywhere
Her tiny boutique shop in the middle of Greenwich Village boasts a variety of pieces of art she had picked up throughout her travels across the world. She made it a point that every country she visited, she would fill up two duffel bags worth of artwork and bring them back to her shop to sell. With the costs of purchasing and shipping covered for free as she handles both in a vacation setting, it is a relatively low-cost operation with great profit potential. Whether its paintings, wire art, glass pieces, trinkets and more, as long as it looks good and can fit in her bag, she can make money off it.

Water Wheels
Reema Shah knows how to use the resources available to her. Her husband loves his pickup truck, however often complains about the slow traffic that keeps him as a NYC metro commuter for three seasons out of the year. But when those hot summers hit, many inner city youth and people of all ages get sudden urges to immerse themselves in a body of water. Using waterproof tarp, pool chemicals and a raised water bill, Water Wheels is a portable pool for anyone who wants to take a cool dip before going on with their day in the brutal summer heat. Water on Wheels does not accept money from swimmers, however it serves as a great marketing tool for other businesses who like to slap their promotional materials on the vehicle and have them on display in a fun, interactive manner.

City Street Orchestra
There are lots of talented musicians in New York City, and many of them have found ways to make a decent living off of simply panhandling at one of NYC’s many metro stations as they display their musical talent. Well one day, Reema Shah decided to rally some of the more popular street musicians that were spread out all over the city, and form a kind of mega street group of musicians that drew even larger crowds at Union Station and around Times Square. She became their official manager from then on, and found opportunity in booking them shows that benefitted all the parties involved while furthering her management experience. The City Street Orchestra now plays at bars, festivals and private events.