All-Natural Topical Pain Reliever from Pure Biomed Rivals and Exceeds Efficacy of Systemic Narcotics

New anti-inflammation and pain essential oil formula answers What's Next?

Online PR News – 29-October-2014 – Las Vegas, NV – The FDA has elevated hydrocodone, the highest volume narcotic pain reliever ever; to more restrictive Class II access… pain sufferers are asking exactly what the replacement is. Just because narcotics are more restricted, need for effective pain relief has not diminished.

Unfortunately, narcotic opioid abuse is rampant with an estimated 50% of hydrocodone tablets being resold to non-patients. With the new restrictions on prescribed hydrocodone, heroin and marijuana dealers must be smiling all the way to the bank!

Now, users of Reunion AI are finding they can get pain relief for acute and chronic peripheral pain without fear of addiction or numerous other side effects.

Case 1. Shingles can evolve to Post Herpetic Neuralgia, an excruciatingly painful scarring that can last for years if not for life. One Reunion user tried Voltaren, Capsaicin and Lidoderm patches … nothing was effective. Pain pills (hydromorphine and hydrocodone) lasted only a few hours. With a single application of Reunion AI, his pain greatly subsided and within a week had all but disappeared.

Case 2. Very often, back/spine surgeries are NOT successful, leaving the patient with agonizing pain and only narcotics to counteract the pain. One Reunion AI user has suffered for 23 years. Now his use of hydrocodone is near zero as his wife applies Reunion AI to his back for pain relief and a good night’s sleep.

Case 3. Cancer patients suffer frequently with CIPN (Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy) primarily in their feet. Several Reunion AI users have found pain relief exceeds any relief they expected or experienced with systemic drugs (Cymbalta, Lyrica and Gabapentin) or narcotics. One user is on her 30th monthly order.

Pure Biomed LLC, developer of the Reunion family of topical pain relief products has introduced Reunion AI, topical pain relief formula to relieve pain found in peripheral tissue and joints. Building upon its successful Reunion ISR formula, the company has increased the anti-inflammatory ingredients from one to three. Two additional all-natural, botanical, anti-nociceptive oils have been added to the original Reunion ISR formula to fortify the anti-inflammation properties increasing the anti-inflammation properties by a factor of 10. Reunion AI is a formulation of eleven therapeutic essential oils, each with specific properties to relieve symptoms. The original Reunion ISR formula contains nine oils. No prescription is required.

Reunion AI is NOT a cure for any disease. Reunion AI simply provides relief for sufferers. Tens of millions of adults experience acute or chronic pain. Many suffer daily from arthritis, back pain, neuropathy, etc. to the point of interfering with their activities, careers and relationships. Reunion AI will help many to enjoy their lives again.

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