New personal writing journal helps overeaters analyze their relationship with nourishment

A journal dedicated to discovering personal nourishment needs with over 140 prompts, 152 pages, was designed by author Jackie DeBusk, M.Ed., to help the writer respond insightfully to his or her eating behaviors and their effects in all areas of the writer’s life. For only $3.99 at, this product can be downloaded, printed, and used immediately.

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( August 9, 2010 --
Living necessitates eating and eating regularly. Usually three meals a day. In one year over one thousand opportunities occur to obtain nourishment through food, but author Jackie DeBusk, M.Ed. says “therein lies the problem, we take lots of opportunity to eat food, but rarely take time to find nourishment in the process.”

After struggling for years as an overeater, DeBusk continuously researched what contributed to those over indulging behaviors. From her investigations DeBusk uncovered many contributing factors to her problem.

As she journaled her own way through weight control findings, DeBusk also created writing prompts to assist others in discovering information about potential reasons food is a nemesis rather than nourishment. DeBusk says, "I'm finally on my way to controlling my pig-out reactions."

Believing writing serves to mine the heart and soul and believing food should feed the heart and soul as well as the body, DeBusk compiled and published the writing prompts into a personal journal, Thoughts and Pans, Pots and Pens.

Many struggle through adulthood with overeating and lugging about extra weight. Simply eat less and exercise more, right? Of course not; otherwise, why would obesity, pardon the pun, be so widespread? Food involves cultural, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, psychological, interpersonal, and emotional aspects that cannot be discarded like corn dog and Twinkie wrappers.

People consume food, but food also consumes people. Many folks equate food to nourishment; however, the soul and the mind hungers as much as the body. Personal journal writing exemplifies one such mental and spiritual feeding. In addition to the potential satisfaction journal writing brings in itself, specific journaling about individual food behaviors will likely reveal beliefs and biases that surround both healthy and unhealthy eating habits.

Thoughts and Pans, Pots and Pens approaches the subject of nourishment with thoughtful consideration. This unique journal is sold exclusively at for $3.99. The book is 152 pages and downloads as a .pdf file.