Motivational Humorist, Yvonne Conte, Appears as Expert Contributor to The Bottom Line Audio Magazine

Motivational humorist, keynote speaker, and six-time author, Yvonne Conte, shares the importance of keeping things in perspective and having a sense of humor, on the audio magazine The Bottom Line.

Online PR News – 10-August-2010 – – Washington, DC.- Laughter is the best medicine for pain, stress, and negativity says Yvonne Conte, a motivational humorist and author. Conte provides her humorous take on how to change your perspective and create a better outcome for a happier, more successful life, in the Featured Expert Segment of The Bottom Line’s September issue.

The Bottom Line, hosted by Ryan Prucker, is a monthly audio magazine providing on-the-go MP3 interviews, expert commentary, motivation, and insights for success in business and life. Conte shares personal anecdotes to help others learn how putting issues into perspective, and learning to laugh, can help you lead a less stressful and more positive life.

“Pain is inevitable, it’s that suffering part that’s optional,” says Conte. She has fought through her own pain, but has not let it stop her from inspiring others, and showing them that maintaining a positive attitude can keep them from suffering too. By focusing on the positive things in your life, while considering how much worse your problems could be, you can keep your pain in perspective and lessen your suffering. “If you can compare whatever it is that you’re dealing with, with something much worse, it’s a miracle how quickly you can handle what you’ve been handed.”

“Yvonne’s positive attitude and refreshing sense of humor help inspire others to change their own outlook on life,” says Ryan Prucker, host of The Bottom Line. Conte wants people to realize that no matter what situation they’re in, someone else is in a more difficult position, and they should appreciate the good things in their lives, and laugh through the negative ones.

Yvonne Conte is a motivational humorist, professional speaker and coach. She works with Fortune 500 companies and in addition to being a radio and TV personality, Yvonne is also a best selling author of six books including Serious Laughter and her new book, Cry, Laugh, Cook. To find out more about Conte, visit To hear her presentation or learn more about The Bottom Line visit

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