Daycare Boom As Mums Seek Bingo Fix

There's been a significant rise in the number of children attending summer activity schemes as bingo mad mothers look for ways to enjoy their favourite hobby in peace.

Online PR News – 10-August-2010 – – With the summer holidays in full swing, many mums are hoping to restore their term-time bingo bliss, enjoying a free house by finding daytime activities for their children.

Bingo comparison website, which has over 200,000 members, have noted a significant increase in the number of players logging on for to play between 9am – 3pm, typically the times their children are at school.

Online bingo has soared in popularity over the last five years with many full-time mums logging on for an exciting game while their children attend school or nursery.

With bigger prizes available online than can be found down the local hall it's thought many players are using the cash they've won to pay expensive childcare bills, with some even treating their children to exotic foreign holidays after big wins.

Rob Hutchinson, founder of, said he understands why parents might want some piece and quiet during the six-week break.

He said: “Looking after the kids full-time can be exhausting. Everyone needs some fun in their life so enjoying a game online is a great option whilst your children spend the day out enjoying themselves.

”Some of our members have even started forum topics sharing ideas and tips about great activities for their children to try, which I think emphasizes the social aspect of the game.

“We've heard fantastic stories from mums who've won big cash prizes online and spent the money on treating their children, which is a great way to share the fun.”

Deborah Jackson, mum of three from Scarborough, is a self-confessed online bingo addict and has been making the most of the peace and quiet while her three sons are at the local kids club.

She said: “My kids love getting out of the house during the summer holidays and I’ve really made the most of it this year by signing up to the website.

“I’ve won some great prizes and I’ve already got a fun family day planned with some of the cash I’ve won. My little boys are all really excited.”


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