2gro Offers 3 Years Anti-Virus Support

Mulling a big success in the tech support market, 2gro has launched its new package.

Online PR News – 10-August-2010 – – The company which has already proved itself an ace in the tech support industry is surely moving in the direction to capture 100% share in the market. Recently, 2gro has surprised its customers by launching a mouth watering support package deal which is determined to provide anti-virus package along with free PC support for three months.

According to the reports, 2gro is looking forward to spread a word about tech support services and therefore it has launched '3 years anti-virus + 3 months free PC support' package. Under this scheme, the company would provide its clientèle with extreme anti-virus support along with the free trial package of PC support for 3 months.

On the day of launch, a senior official said that the scheme is revealed by the company to enhance its customer chain and also to spread the tech support awareness among the masses. 2gro was toying with the idea of launching this much effective and cost efficient team for a while now. But, since it started getting utmost recognition after the launch of its 24/7 services, the officials in the company became sure of unveiling this package.

The company has also declared that this package will also be available with the newly as well as early launched services of the company. These services includes tele-support, online support, and remote tech support. This means that 2gro has already registered itself in the league of those few companies which have initiated with remote technology.

Hence, the company is moving towards the whole win-win situation making its customers wonder that what its next step would be.

For more info visit http://2gro.com/ .