Hybrid Cars - Eco Friendly Cars

Now we all have a car but it is necessary to know which type of car we should purchase. Before purchasing any new car we should know the updated information about the model of the car, its cost-effectiveness, its operations and its performance.
Hybrid cars are the most environment friendly cars. Reliability factor is present in a Hybrid car which is a plus point.

Online PR News – 09-August-2010 – – Hybrid cars are most commonly known as Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). They include a combination of an internal combustion engine or one or more electric motors. These cars don’t just rely on gasoline for internal combustion. Many varieties of new hybrid cars are available in the market.

They use both gasoline and electric motors. There is an installed computer system which takes the decision to use gasoline or electricity. It takes this decision on the basis of the level of security and to utilize the maximum efficiency of the energy. Hybrid Cars 2010 that would roll out on roads are ‘plug-in hybrids’ that can recharge their batteries from the electric circuit at home, along with a small gasoline engine.

The cost of maintenance of hybrid cars are similar to those of conventional cars. They may even cost less than these cars because of the less wear and tear of the brakes and engines. These cars are energy efficient. However, they are very expensive. There is an option available for purchasing pre-owned hybrid cars.

A Hybrid car is a perfect solution to the problems like deteriorating environmental conditions and rising oil prices. The increase in consumption of fossil fuels has resulted in the depletion of these reserves on earth. Thus, using hybrid cars would at least cut down the consumption to a large extent.

Hybrid Car is operated thorough five driving modes. In some modes electric motor is operating while in other modes the gasoline engine is operating. It is also seen that sometimes both the electric motor as well as the gasoline engine are both operating. Now let us discuss the five hybrid car driving modes and how they are operated:

• Whenever a red signal light which is a stop sign is seen the gasoline engine turns off. Then the electric motor gets ready to push the car when one presses on the gas medal. One can check this by keeping an eye on the power monitor indicator. In the Crowded cities a lot of fuel consumption of an individual could be avoided.
• The Electric Motor works till fifteen miles without any help from the gasoline engine. The Gasoline engine becomes on and off per the need of the moment. Electric motor starts the car and moves the car after the stop signal .This bimodal facility of machine of the hybrid cars to run on gas as well as electric motor when and wherever necessary helps in saving more fuel in comparison to the cars which have only normal gasoline en gines.
• When one is driving a hybrid car on the high way with no stops the engine that is in operation is only the gasoline engine.
• When one applies the brakes after coming across with the stop red signal the kinetic energy of the standard car gets dispelled as heat energy instead of getting transformed as an electrical energy .This is achieved by making the use of an old reliable electric motor that plays a role of a generator to charge the battery. This is not the case with the hybrid cars as they are not required to be plugged in.

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