A Penny a Day Keeps the Boxes Away

PHS Recordsmanagement introduces a cost saving calculator to its website to demonstrate the potential savings that can be made from offsite records storage and management

Online PR News – 09-August-2010 – – For some time now, PHS Recordsmanagement has been extolling the virtues of offsite data storage...saving space, saving time, saving money. In fact, many of PHS Recordsmanagement’s savvy clients have already made savings of 30-70%. Now the leading Records Management Company is demonstrating the potential benefits of its services by introducing a cost savings calculator to its website.
Businesses are legally required to retain a certain amount of data and many more also choose to store customer and product details, etc onsite. The true cost of this file storage and archiving is not just the space required but also the time taken to correctly manage and retrieve what could be thousands of documents.
PHS Recordsmanagement’s new cost savings calculator, which can be found at www.recordsmanagement.co.uk/requires a few simple figures to determine the possible savings when using PHS Recordsmanagement’s offsite storage facilities. Depending on the cost of staff and office space, PHS Recordsmanagement can save businesses up to 70% each year on storage and retrieval costs. How? Well, depositing an archive box in one of PHS Recordsmanagement’s secure, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) monitored facilities, costs from just 1p per day. As well as this, PHS Recordsmanagement can provide an accurate database of documents for easy retrieval and advice on destruction of records in accordance with legislation. In this way, files are never stored needlessly and, more importantly, space is never paid for unnecessarily.
Records can be stored by PHS Recordsmanagement in any format - individual files and archive boxes, digital or hard copy - all of which are overseen by the latest security systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. When required, documents can be recalled in as little as 2 hours – often quicker than sending a valued staff member into the dreaded archive room!
Nick Burke, Managing Director at PHS Recordsmanagement is keen to promote the advantages of the services on offer. He says, “We want businesses to understand that we don’t just stick their files on a shelf! We work closely with all of our clients so that we know what they need and when. PHS Recordsmanagement has provided proven savings for clients who are able to better devote their time and space to their core business. And because we are experts in records management, customers can be confident that their data is probably safer with us than it would be in their office. Think of us as a virtual filing cabinet - instead of opening a draw, just call on us!”
So, while you might think that your records are safest right under your nose, have you considered the cost of the space that your filing system needs? And if you think that you can access your archived data easily, have you thought whether time be utilised better elsewhere in your business? Still not sure? Take a look at the new cost saving calculator at www.recordsmanagement.co.uk/ to find out the savings that can be made by handing over records management to the experts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.