Research shows that 48% of people in the UK don’t realise they can recycle their old mobile phones

Research undertaken by mobile phone recycling price comparison website has found that nearly half of people still don't realise they can recycle their old mobile phone handsets, despite the rise in popularity of online mobile recycling services, and just 11% have actually done it.

Online PR News – 09-August-2010 – –, a new mobile phone recycling comparison site, was recently launched in response to market research - conducted on a sample of over 2000 people during July 2010 - which found that:

- Nearly half (48%) of people were not even aware of the ability to recycle their mobile phone;
- Only 28% of people had thought about recycling their mobile phone when they got a new one;
- Just 11% had ever actually recycled a mobile phone;
- 4% had recycled more than one;
- Of those that had recycled a mobile phone, only 13% had used a comparison site.

The feedback received about their experiences with mobile phone recycling websites, and the existing comparison websites, was mixed; whilst most people found the comparison websites helpful from a value-for-money perspective, they also found them confusing, visually ‘busy’ and difficult to navigate.

Users of the mobile phone recycling websites were generally happy with their experience, but suffered from a level of dissonance post-transaction due to their inability to evaluate whether or not they got a good deal. was inspired by this feedback, and modelled on the internet search engines like Google and Bing, who remove any complexity in finding what you want. The Mobile Magpie website is deliberately simple; users visit the site, type in their mobile phone make and model, and a comparison table is generated. They click on their chosen recycler and get taken to their website to complete the transaction.

Commenting on the research findings, Sharon Thomas (Managing Director or said, “We were surprised that so many people still don’t realise they have the ability to recycle their old mobile phone handsets. Not only are they missing out on an opportunity to make some money from their old phones rather than leaving them gathering dust at home, they are also missing an opportunity to help the environment”. encourages phone owners to recycle their old handsets, and helps them maximise the cash they generate in the process, by comparing prices from over 20 mobile phone recycling websites.

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