Salmon Of The Americas Confirms The Safe Consumption Of Farmed Salmon

The ocean farmed salmon trade association, Salmon of the Americas, confirms that it is both safe and healthy to consume farmed salmon.

Online PR News – 09-January-2009 – – MIAMI, FL -- Salmon of the Americas (SOTA), an ocean farmed salmon trade association, recently announced that the consumption of farmed salmon is both safe and healthy. Although there has been past public confusion about farmed salmon safety, many recent studies by reputable organizations including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), confirm that farmed salmon is one of the safest protein choices available.

Offering up-to-date, factual data about salmon and salmon farming, SOTA represents salmon-producing companies in both North and South America. The organization strives to improve the overall health and salmon knowledge of North American consumers. By using environmentally friendly practices to produce a high quality product, the salmon farming industry ensures the sustainability of the salmon species.

"Many people are simply confused about the safety of farmed salmon. In reality, a controlled diet of farmed salmon can actually reduce the risk of PCB's, mercury, and parasites. Salmon of the Americas is pleased to help people understand and enjoy the healthy benefits that farmed salmon provides," says Laura McNaughton of Salmon of the Americas. (

Grown under carefully controlled conditions, every ocean-farmed salmon raised can be safely traced from the hatchery in which it was born to the retail outlet where it was purchased. Food inspection agencies from both the United States and Canada closely monitor the salmon's quality and safety through the numerous production and processing steps. In addition to stringent government regulations, the ocean farmed salmon industry suppliers and retailers adhere to their own strict production and screening standards.

Although the salmon farming industry meets strict government requirements, there is often still public concern regarding the level of PCB's in farmed salmon. However, thorough testing conducted by SOTA confirms that the PCB content found in ocean farmed salmon is well below the safe tolerance level set by the FDA, and is nearly equal to the PCB level found naturally in wild salmon. The PCB levels in both wild and farmed salmon are lower than levels found in other popular protein choices, including beef and poultry.

Additionally, although some fish contain high levels of mercury, the Institute of Medicine recently reported that of the numerous types of fish studied, ocean farmed salmon had the lowest level of all. For added safety, unlike many farmed animals in the United States, farm raised Atlantic salmon are also free from hormones used in the production process.

"Salmon of the Americas strives to empower consumers with the healthy and safe facts surrounding ocean farmed salmon. The combination of both regulatory and industry quality control efforts makes certain that only the best, freshest and safest salmon are consumed by the public," says McNaughton.

About Salmon of the Americas: An ocean farmed salmon trade association representing North and South American salmon producing companies, Salmon of the Americas ( supplies current, factual information about salmon farming to both consumers and retailers. It is the organization's goal to generate public awareness regarding the many health and environmental benefits from the consumption of farmed salmon.

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