Apps Mav Launches Social Media & Facebook Marketing Management Services for Retailers

Social Media & Facebook Management services for Retailers looking to tap into social commerce.

Online PR News – 20-October-2014 – New South Wales, Australia – Recently, Apps Mav; leaders in social innovations announced the launch of their social media and Facebook marketing management services for retailers. Like all their previous innovations, the services are orchestrated to benefit retailers by tapping into social commerce. The advent of social media has revolutionized the internet by turning it into a marketing space for brands and businesses. Apps Mav takes this advancement a step further by facilitating businesses with expert social media and Facebook marketing services to help them build a strong online presence and generate revenue.

Social media is a two way street which gives high returns on every investment! But, it is also evolving and hence what worked for one business might not work for another. The social media and Facebook marketing services launched by Apps Mav are set to offer customised solutions to every business, thereby preparing them for a global audience.

Facebook alone has more than 1 billion active users with more than 82% registered small businesses! The Facebook marketing services by Apps Mav opens up the businesses to over 1 billion people, who will not only be able to access their products and offerings but also purchase them through Facebook shop and online store.

Sales coupons and discounts can help brands and businesses drive traffic – both virtually and physically! They are the two magic tools that enable businesses to boost up their sales.

Social media is synonymous with buzzing! Creating conversations about the brand or business can help them reach optimum virality. The online social media marketing services are modelled to leverage businesses to run contests on Facebook, host sweepstakes or give away exclusive deals to create an online stir, where people just can’t resist talking about the brand!

The social media and Facebook marketing services are available in 2 flexible packages each, namely:
· Do-it-yourself (DIY) package, which is available for a monthly subscription starting from $199.
· Do-it-for-you (DFY) package, which is available for a monthly subscription starting from $449.

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