Proofread My Document Introduces PhD Proofreading Service

Proofread My Document has introduced PhD proofreading to its range of services. PhD proofreading services to the PhD student for their theses or dissertations

Online PR News – 23-October-2014 – Queensland, Australia – Queensland, Australia, 20th October 2014: An Australian based company, Proofread My Document, has introduced PhD proofreading to its range of services. The company offers PhD proofreading services to the PhD student for their theses or dissertations at a highly professional level and affordable prices.

Given the current expectations of constant improvement in the quality of academic documents, i.e., theses, essays, journals, etc., there are several companies offering proofreading services online, providing high-end proofreading to the student and even business professional to excel in their respective domains.

Proofread My Document is one such company offering premium-quality proofreading and editing services cost-effectively. The company appoints highly qualified proofreaders, having comprehensive experience in academic and business proofreading. The PhD proofreading service offered by the company is a boon for students who are not sure about the accuracy of their thesis or academic journals. Be it distinct PhD topics or large theses, the in-house qualified team of highly proficient proofreaders can provide extremely accurate theses within the stipulated timeframe. The professional proofreaders scan even minute errors like unnoticed grammar errors or the incorrect formation of sentences that are likely to be ignored by computer software.

Proofread My Document is a 100% reliable company offering confidential proofreading services. Customers’ documents, shared with the company, are absolutely safe and secure. Students having imminent deadlines for their theses submissions can benefit greatly as the company can guarantee proofreading of documents within 24 hrs. The company has a team of well-qualified professional proofreaders on board, with extensive expertise and experience in diverse subjects and are available around the clock to accept documents, theses or journal pieces for proofreading. They are also available to work on non-academic writing, formatting and proofreading any style of document. Before committing to anything with the company a sample can be submitted, simply by uploading any short document for formatting or proofreading to get an overview of the quality and process of their proofreading services.

The company serves native as well as international students and helps them achieve better grades in their studies. They also have specially trained proofreaders on board, who have expertise in delivering proofreading services to dyslexic students. They are well versed in detecting the most common errors made by dyslexic students. With the diverse and flexible solution it offers, students seeking proofreading services for their PhD theses or journals, can take advantage of its benefits to submit error free documents.

Kiran Chauhan, Founder of Proofread My Document, says, “Proofread My Document has helped numerous students and professionals in its remarkable journey to date. We have received testimonials stating that because of us they have obtained better results and achieved their highest marks. This encourages us to grow faster in order to provide every student that is seeking proofreading services with our wide range of solutions.”

It is a well-known company, offering excellent quality solutions and has the expertise to retain its clientele worldwide. To find out more about the services offered by the company visit

About The Company

Proofread My Document offers a versatile, flexible online proofreading service to anyone with the desire to enhance their writing skills in the English language. They maintain excellence in academic proofreading and are experts when it comes to proofreading ESL documents. The business is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so clients have the freedom to upload their work at the time that is most suitable to them.