When Content is Scarce, Consider a Keyword-Rich FAQ Page

Reputable New York web development and SEO services firm says a FAQ Page can boost search engine rankings for websites that otherwise lack strong content.

Online PR News – 28-August-2009 – New York, New York – While there is a mantra among search engine optimization (SEO) specialists which states that content is the key to proper search engine optimization, not all websites are content driven by their very nature and some business owners shy away from too much content, even if it diminishes their search engine rank.

Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a web development company located in New York, specializing in organic search engine optimization, says that many of his clients opt for more graphics than written content which makes his company’s job harder, but certainly not impossible.

“As search engine optimization experts, the dzine it staff can work with a client’s vision and help their website to achieve maximum search engine placement, even when the client resists a lot of written content,” says Crisafi.

One of the ways to achieve SEO-friendly content integration while keeping written content to a minimum, according to the dzine it staff, is by adding a keyword-rich frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to the site.

A FAQ page gives visitors a list of frequently asked questions about the products or services being offered through the website, along with answers to those questions. FAQ pages are not only essential to many websites, but they can serve as magnets for search engine spiders.

“A quality frequently asked questions page is not only a good feature to offer your visitors, but it is the perfect avenue for keyword-rich content which may be lacking on your site,” says Crisafi.

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