Mimishdesigns Announces To Explore More Designs And Active Marketing For Bean Bags

It is available in wide range of sizes and colors with most comfortable according to the need of an individual.

Online PR News – 16-October-2014 – New York – USA, 16/10/2014 - Urban living has one defining facet and that is space crunch! This fact is so much incumbent that the families living in the prime urban regions of the world always remain busy in making adjustments in the home ambiences so that managed living is ensured.

However, the tussle continues as our accessories keep on expanding. Storage solutions have therefore become more important and city dwellers don’t hesitate much in spending on them. Sleek wardrobes are common in every household but the lacuna still remains that wait innovative tendencies which are very rare.

Mimishdesigns has emerged at the scene, canvassing its innovative thinking and aptitudes that have been given practical shapes through products like beanbag. It is a truly new concept with twin dimensions of home ambience décor and simultaneous storage solutions for complex house hold items of frequent and rarer use. The cosmopolitan consumers are eagerly waited for such interventions and grab the products with both hands and fanfare.

Mimishdesigns is a quality manufacturer of bean bags for diverse storage applications. The company has engaged in creativity of practical significance while bringing out this product of great value. Recognizing the constrained home ambiences in the cities, the company developed its bean bags as prime storage solutions that can also double up as a home furnishing of utility.

A spokesperson of the company deliberated on his company’s unique products on the sidelines of a Home Décor Exhibition saying, “Mimishdesigns.com has produced its beanbag as a durable and reliable solution for storing variety of unused yet important items of your home. You can use soft toys of your child, unwashed clothes, towels, bed sheets and the like items to stuff this bag and then can use it as a sitting cushion in your home ambience. Besides, our bean bags are prepared with the best fabrics that are durable and dust phobic so that texture and looks are maintained even after rugged use by you and your child.”

Mimishdesigns has manufactured its range of bean bags in diverse sizes and vibrant colors to suit the home requirements. The bags are provided with zipper flaps that open wide open and thus can accommodate anything. The spokesperson also told at the exhibition that their innovative product has received great numbers of positive and admiring reviews from the critics and interior designing professionals from around the world.

At an ‘Interior Designing Summit’ that was held in Singapore and attended by interior designing firms and freelance professionals from around the world, an official spokesperson of mimish design elaborated on his company’s prospective plans saying, “Mimishdesigns plans active marketing of its bean bags in major urban cities and metros of the world with main focus on Asian cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore among others. Mimishdesigns is optimistic of the sure successes as for its iconic product”

Mimishdesigns produces bean bags with sure quality and durability tags and has mega export orders pending for the Asian and European home décor importers. To know more of the company and its beanbag range visit the interactive online portal at: http://mimishdesigns.com/product/storage-beanbag/

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