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Online PR News – 14-October-2014 – Loveland, CO. – Are you looking for the best deals possible for the highest quality e-books online? Are you tired of looking through the big ecommerce sites to find what you are looking for? Yes, it can be frustrating trying to narrow down the searches just to find what e-books will interest you most. brings the best-selling and highest quality ebooks to you on a daily basis without any hassle. This service is offered to Crave Books readers at no cost! How does it work?

Readers receive a personalized daily email for free. Crave Books covers a variety of genres that are sure to capture your interest and create new ones. Some of the genres included are, but not limited to: thrillers, mysteries, suspense, historical romance, contemporary romance, women's fiction, new adult and much more. The reader simply joins the email list, chooses which categories are of interest to them and start receiving the best and most admired eBooks immediately.

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Crave Books does not sell eBooks, but rather, with more than 35 categories to choose from, readers are sure to find their favorite reads and add new ones available on digital download.

The daily email will deliver limited time offers that promote eBooks at a Free or highly discounted price relating to the readers interests picked, keeping them informed of their up to date interests. To make things more intriguing, these eBooks are available on a variety of devices such as, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBookstore and more. Yes, readers will be able to start reading anytime, anywhere.

In addition to bringing benefits to the reader, Crave Books brings benefits to the authors. Authors can promote their ebooks with customized options that are designed to help them receive more book reviews, increase sales, and find new fans or supporters. The editors at Crave Books only select the highest quality books that meet their editorial guidelines to deliver to their members.

Crave Books works with all major eBook devices and retailers and is highly dedicated to bridging the gap between readers and authors, building a relationship between the two to find great books that members will love reading. A great place for readers to connect with well-known and new upcoming authors.

Crave Books is located in Loveland, Colorado.

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