Fighting Fit – Why New Mothers Are Looking Pretty In Pink

Fit for a Princess Ltd arranges outdoor workouts and women fitness boot camps in the UK. They also provide online fitness guides. E books and video workouts can be downloaded easily.

Online PR News – 08-August-2010 – – August 2010

Having children is a life changing experience, and one which brings much joy and happiness. However, the post-pregnancy tummy new mummies are left with, is not quite such a welcome change, yet one that has proved to be almost impossible to change for many women looking to shed the pounds. Many new mothers may try following women's fitness videos at home, or heading off to the gym, but in many cases this fails to achieve the perfect mummy image they're after. But for Janey Holliday, founder of Fit for a Princess, getting back into shape after having her children took just a few weeks.

If you've ever been in or around the London area early in the morning you may have seen large groups of enthusiastic women dressed in bright pink having a good deal more fun than most people. Janey Holliday's women's fitness bootcamp workouts have become recognised across London as being one of the most successful, and fun ways of getting back into shape, losing the pre-birth pounds and boosting energy levels – something any new mother is always in need of.

"Most new mothers find they're torn between finding the time to exercise, and finding the energy to cope with looking after young children," explained Janey Holliday. "With Fit for a Princess we provide a range of women's fitness options ranging from outdoor bootcamp sessions early in the morning while the children are still asleep, to online ebooks and over 200 hours of workout videos that anyone can follow."

The crucial difference with FFAP is that the workouts are outdoors. Janey believes very strongly in getting outside to exercise, as this not only increases the number of calories burnt by up to 30%, but also results in a 75% increase in likelihood that a year later you'll still be working out. FFAP's outdoor women's fitness routines help boost energy, confidence, tone and strength, providing new mummies with the look they're after, and the fitness and energy levels they need.


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