Quality Nature Announces Release of a New Supplement for Weight Loss: Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse by Quality Nature can detoxify your digestive system, assist with weight loss and prevent constipation by naturally cleansing your colon.

Online PR News – 10-October-2014 – Brooklyn, NY – QUALITY NATURE, which specialized in development of dietary supplements, announced release of their new product, COLON CLEANSE. The COLON CLEANSE is an herbal supplement that effectively boosts the natural cleansing process. This function provides a detoxifying effect as well as assists with weight loss. People who aim to achieve their fitness goals or those who suffer from constipation and similar digestive disorders will be able to benefit from taking COLON CLEANSE the most.

One of the first buyers to test the product, said: “I’ve been having problems with my colon for many years. No treatment proved to be effective enough to grant me full recovery. Thus, I decided to try Colon Cleanse from Quality Nature. I was absolutely satisfiedwith the result. Almost immediately I managed to lose 4 lbs., and I’m still getting losing weight. I don’t feel as if my stomach is heavy or bloated anymore. This feeling of massive comfort alone would ensure that I will buy this supplement again.” Another client of QUALITY NATURE who tried the supplement stated the following: “I used the product for 14 days and managed to lose five pounds during this time. The result is so impressive and fast that I will definitely buy the product again, as well as recommend it to my friends and family.”

Gentle natural cleansing effect of COLON CLEANSE is provided by a combination of the following ingredients:

• Psyllium

• Rhubarb

• Alfalfa

• Gentian

• Aloe Vera

• Buckthorn

• Goldenseal

• Bentonite

COLON CLEANSE is completely safe and can be effective as a part of any weight lossprogram. Detoxifying your colon does not only help you lose some pounds, but also improves your overall health. COLON CLEANSE assists the large intestine with the peristaltic movement. This prevents constipation and reduces the risk of developing some problems this condition can cause, such as hemorrhoids.

You can purchase COLON CLEANSE (60 servings per container) from the QUALITY NATURE website (http://www.qualitynature.com/colon-cleanse/) for $18.95. Daily dosage is four servings, two taken with the morning meal and two with the last meal of the day. Please note that you shouldn’t take COLON CLEANSE for more than 15 days in a row.
QUALITY NATURE is a company renowned for producing high quality herbal supplements that meet the FDA standards. The quality of the products that can be purchased through their website (http://www.qualitynature.com) is guaranteed.


Serge Shteyn


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