WGT Online Finally Reaches An Agreement With Wowruler On 6th August 2010

Wow-gold-team.com and wowruler.com recently reach an agreement on cooperating with each other to better satisfy customers' need on 6th August 2010.

Online PR News – 07-August-2010 – – In the past few days, one of the best World of Warcraft gold and power leveling service suppliers http://wow-gold-team.com reached an agreement with another powerful wow gold supplier wowruler.com.

The cooperation between these two companies is a typical association between strong companies, it has positive significance as a whole. Wow-gold-team.com established in 2006, is one of the best professional MMORPG gold suppliers worldwide. Through years of development, it had gained excellent reputation among customers around the world, it has a clean record and has never scammed or phished customers and never caused customers' accounts to be banned. Wowruler.com is also an outstanding wow gold supplier who is know for its instant and safe delivery.

Now this two famous wow gold selling sites reach agreement, it is really a great news to players of world of warcraft. According to Sky-the CEO of wow-gold-team.com, the agreement between this two companies mainly contains two aspects:

One is the mutual exchange of needed products. Since wow-gold-team.com deals with a larger range of business than wowruler.com, after the agreement, customers of wowruler.com can also get the services now only support by wow-gold-team.com, with equal treatment. Such as the DFO gold and Lotro gold.

The other aspect is the mutual exchange of gold stock. Due to the popularity of wow gold business, sometimes gold suppliers may lack of needed gold at a time which will make customers upset about their service. Now, with the cooperation between wow-gold-team.com and wowruler.com, they can exchange their stocked gold whenever each side has a need. This strategy better ensures the instant delivery to customers.

Towards the agreement, one of the senior wow players Stewwie expressed his opinion: 'I do buy wow gold from wow-gold-team.com constantly and have nothing to complain about their excellent service and superb and fast website. Now with the agreement between it and wowruler.com, there is no doubt that buying wow gold without any delay can be better achieved in the future purchase. I suggest more MMO players to experience their new services.'

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