It's time to hit the Nitrous...all 3 stages!
08/07/2010 is the website you have been waiting for. There is something for everybody and everything drag race. It doesn't matter if you build, race, or you are just a big fan of the sport and lifestyle. We got you covered. Launch Date 08/10/2010

Online PR News – 07-August-2010 – – We have seen all kind of websites. Some look at crazy big wheels. Others look at whatever the latest basketball player or rapper dreamed up. (Or was it a nightmare?). Still, some websites don't know what the hell they are trying to say. You just get lost in this sea of BS. At the end of the day, NONE of them do the drag racing lifestyle justice. They all just perpetrate like stickers on a Honda. We are here to change ALL of that.

We aren't saying that there is anything wrong with that... if you got it... spend it, bring it, and pray you brought enough. Don't get it twisted tho'. That's not all what we are about. We also want to shed light on the those guys out there who want to have the fast and sexy rides, but have no choice but to do it on a budget. We want to shed light on the guys who just saw something crazy, silly, informative, fascinating, or just down right stupid and wanted to put the event on blast for the world to see. Together, this makes up the Drag Race Nation.

Over time you will see that we will pay overdue respect to the shade tree wrench turner, the weekend head hunter, the guy who has a hot machine that gets groceries, gets you to work, and gets some unsuspecting sucker's feelings hurt at the drag strip. We are gonna pay mad respect to the fans in the stands who love the smell of burnt rubber and race gas. The car clubs, shows, and events that bring us all together. And of course give love to the guy who made it in life and finally built (or had built) his dream.

No holds barred on videos, pictures, comments, and people. Keep it real! Just keep it kinda clean!

From the trailer queen built by a legend of the sport and paid for, THE 4x4 FAIL, to the primer painted sleeper. WE WANT YOU!!! is the place to find people, places, cars and downright funny crap that is the essence and the lifestyle of the sport. Have fun here, stay a while and invite your friends to come visit also. You will see that we are not just another website with our head stuck up our butt... err.. tailpipe. What you will find is a nation of gear-heads from all walks of life. We come together and have fun while learning from each other at the same time as laughing with each other.

It's time to hit the nitrous... All 3 stages.