Poker Rakeback Turning Losing Poker Players into Consistent Winners

Poker Rakeback is revolutionising online poker for players who are breakeven or losing players. Its free money but why don't all poker players avail of it?

Online PR News – 07-August-2010 – – If you are like 60 million other people in the world who like to play poker on line, your are in for a pleasant surprise. Poker companies have been keeping this secret under wraps for years and this benefit was once only received by the full time professionals who would grind 10+ hours a day on line on certain poker sites. I am taking about Rakeback. This is where you get paid by the big online Poker Rooms to play poker on their site. Now thanks to companies like, even the recreational player can earn rakeback on all the major poker sites. officially relaunched their new and improved website in May 2010 which allows online poker players to actually claim back refunds on the rake they have contributed to their online poker sites. When online poker players sign up with a poker room through Rakeback Reward, they will receive a refund of up to 40 cent for every $1.00 that they pay in rake. This refund is known as rake back. No matter what limits they play, whether they’re professionals or just play poker for fun, receiving rake back can greatly increase their win-rate and allows them to make more money.

Rakeback Reward currently offers partnerships with over 20 of the worlds leading Poker Rooms including U.S. and European friendly poker sites, and is continuously adding more poker rooms on a regular basis. The poker rooms available range from the market leaders, Full Tilt & Betfair to smaller rooms with greater community spirit like PKR poker and Fat Bet Poker. They have sourced the very best deals available anywhere on the internet and offer rake back percentages ranging from a respectable 27% to a very generous 40%.

So how much could someone earn from rakeback alone? Well by just having a account, members can substantially increase their win rate. For example, a regular $2/$4 No Limit short handed player who plays 6 tables at one time will now earn an additional $40 in rake back per hour on top of their normal poker winnings. If they play 30 hours a week, 48 weeks a year, that's a lot of extra money that would otherwise go straight towards the poker room's profit margin, in fact it would amount to $57,600.00. That's more than the average yearly industrial salary!

When asked why poker players should chose over another rakeback provider, Paul Redfern, owner of enthused ‘Sometimes online poker players need some motivation to put in the hours on line. Other times they may wonder if the breakeven stretch will ever end, then out of nowhere they come across an inspiring blog post, or a eureka moment from watching a training video which will give them a renewed drive,a passion for the game. Rakeback Reward differs from the rest as it points out these such interviews with poker players, poker players wells, weekly poker training video reviews, blog posts and podcast recommendations that inspires and motivates players to play their ‘A’ game at all times.’

Another reason for setting up stresses the owner is to ‘help pass on information to beginner and intermediate players who may still be a slightly losing or breakeven player. When new poker players realises that they can make money by outwitting their opponents, they begin to seek out all the information they can possibly find to help progress their game to the next level, changing them from an ‘ok player’ into a winning player. Rakeback Reward has poker articles, top poker training video critiques, poker book appraisals and poker theory podcast recommendations as well as unbiased poker room reviews of fish filled sites that will help speed up that transition to the next level.’ And to further reinforce that Poker education ethic, also offer free poker training from one of the leading and most respected poker training websites -

So it looks like the poker landscape is changing. Finally poker rooms are realising that to keep customers coming back to their sites they must now offer something different. Therefore setting up rakeback partnerships with companies like Rakeback will continue to keep those poker sites growing as it is a win-win situation for everyone. The poker players get paid for playing poker, and the poker sites will continue to attract more players through the power of rakeback.