APlusA.org.uk Writers and Other Staffers Have a New Exercise Option

APlusA.org.uk Writers and Other Staffers Have a New Exercise Option

Online PR News – 07-August-2010 – – APlusA.org.uk Writers and Other Staffers Have a New Exercise Option

Staff of APlusA.org.uk Can Access New Circuit Training Facility

Summary: APlusA.org.uk writers can develop sound bodies for sound minds using our new circuit training exercise area near the APlusA.org.uk headquarters.

At APlusA.org.uk, we support our writers every way we can. The most recent innovation is a circuit training facility near the APlusA.org.uk building. While only very basic, it offers staff a convenient opportunity to relieve stress, and build fitness. Our writers will return from a fast workout refreshed and ready to edit, compose, research, and counsel with our customers.

“Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.” The Roman poet and satirist Juvenal suggested that we should pray for a sound mind in a sound body. Today we know that a good physical health supports good mental health. All the research results point in this direction. Everything from heart and circulatory health, to breathing problems is ameliorated by carefully chosen exercise.

Our writers spend an awful lot of time sitting down, typing, reading, proofing, and other vigorous activities of the mind alone. We worry that they may not maintain long term health, and that they might thereby lose productivity and mental acuity.

To address this, APlusA.org.uk took advantage of a modest space near our headquarters to create a circuit of simple exercises. We installed basic equipment including a recycled rubber tire “gravel” track, bars of different heights, hanging rings, slant bars, some lighting, and a water fountain. Together, these allow APlusA.org.uk staffers to run out, literally, to take a gentle jog, perform a few push-ups, pull-ups, or sit-ups, cool down, and return to the office energized!

APlusA.org.uk management hopes that the daily (and nightly) pressures will melt away when writers take a fitness break. If they accomplish no more than a contemplative walk, the fitness investment is well worth it!

We try to take care of our writers. They are professionals, and they are our greatest asset. They can walk you through the development of a document from concept to publication, whether this is your first creative endeavor, or only your most recent one.

You can learn how we help our customers at APlusA.org.uk. Model essays, presentations, and research are all available. There is information on all our services, samples of our work, and our pricing, at http://APlusA.org.uk

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