Audio Genius Nicolas Osorio Makes His Way In Hollywood!

An unparalleled master of sound, Nicolás Osorio has become one of the film industry's leading sound engineers.

Online PR News – 06-October-2014 – Los Angeles, California – From a huge upcoming dubbing project that will make over 100 Chinese films available to audiences across Canada and the U.S., to working as a leading Hollywood on-set sound man, Nicolás Osorio is taking the film industry by storm with his unparalleled ability to create the perfect audio for every project he touches.

Originally from Colombia, Nicolás Osorio has created an impressive repertoire of work as a sound engineer, which includes a long list of award-winning projects like the film "Nothing in LA," which received several awards from the Los Angeles Movie Awards, the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and the Studio City Film Festival, as well as the film "Mama Doesn’t Know Best" which received an award from the Los Angeles Movie Awards, and the television show "Adopted," which won the Vancouver Web Fest Challenge and was nominated for an Indie Series Award.

An audio genius who has clearly made his name known throughout the international film community, Osorio is currently slated to work on a long list of big budget films including "Jack County Demons" starring Mikal Vega from "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

While Osorio’s hands-on experience in the field speaks for itself, he also obtained a five-year degree in Electroacoustics, which has given him a vast body of knowledge that not only sets him apart from other sound engineers, but allows him to fix any electronic issues he encounters in a matter of minutes. The work of a sound engineer for film and television has specific requirements that extend far beyond that of an engineer who solely works in the studio. In addition to having the knowledge of the technical aspects of recording sound and experience using the appropriate tools for the job, when it comes to working on set a production sound mixer must also work closely with the DP, director, producer, set designer, wardrobe and other production departments to ensure all the audio equipment is properly placed in order to record the best audio, something Nicolás Osorio does with ease on a daily basis.

Mama Doesn’t Know Best

When an on-set sound mixer doesn’t quite measure up and plan the way the audio will be recorded properly, Osorio is often hired in the post-production phase of a project for automated dialogue replacement, or ADR. This means Osorio has to re-record and synchronize the audio segments with the original actors in order to replace the compromised on-set audio recordings.

Osorio worked as the ADR mixer on the upcoming film "Blue," which stars award-winning actor Kenny Johnson from the hit television shows "Dexter," "Cold Case," "Sons of Anarchy" and "Burn Notice."

“For the movie 'Blue' I not only did ADR for the actor’s dialogue, but I also had to do ADR for a song that one of the actress sang during the filming, because the audio captured on set was not useful,” explained Osorio. “So during the rerecording I had to match the timing of the song with the actresses lips, as well as make sure the tonality of the song was in sync.”

Osorio also did ADR for the films "Tumbleweed: A True Story," "Survive" and " Days to Kill," which stars Kevin Costner and was directed by McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) who directed the film "Charlie’s Angels" as well as the sequel "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle."

Aside from having a busy filming schedule, Osorio also works as a sound engineer for dubbing films so that they may reach a more international audience.

“I’ve done dubbing for films in almost 20 different languages around the world including English, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), French, German, Italian, Urdu, multiple African languages, and many others,” said Osorio. “Every single time I dub a film, I learn something new because each language has its own rules that we have to maintain when considering how to dub the film.”

Osorio is currently working on a huge dubbing project with well-known production sound mixer Blas Kisic, whom he also worked with on the films "The Bullet" and "Made," as well as the E3 Game Conference for PlayStation.

“Nicolás Osorio is incredible to work with because he knows every aspect of sound technology, his gift for capturing and mapping out how to record the best audio and his ability to act under pressure has made him one of the most successful sound engineers working in the industry today,” said Blas Kisic.

Nicolás Osorio’s career as sound engineer for film and television began with A&E and the History Channel, with the A&E network hiring him to dub an impressive list of shows for the Latin American audience. Osorio has single-handedly made shows like "Cajun Pawn Stars," "Duck Dynasty," "Intervention," "Vanished with Beth Holloway," "Storage Wars Texas," "Prison Wives," "Beyond Scared" and many more available to viewers across Latin America.

Osorio also has several films that are currently in post-production and are scheduled to be released next year, including "Nathan’s Kingdom," which stars award-winning actress Madison Ford, "Zulu Six" starring multi-award winning actor Tim Abell, and "Boost" starring Danny Trejo from "Machete."