Get Banckle.CRM Extension and Plugin for Joomla and WordPress Websites

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for October 2014 announces new and update features in all Banckle products released during month of September 2014.

Online PR News – 02-October-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for October 2014 announces the release of Banckle.CRM extension and plugin for Joomla and WordPress websites respectively which will allow the developers and admins of these websites to add contact capture form on their websites so they can create leads and better manage their sales pipeline.

To read more about Banckle.CRM extension and plugin for Joomla and WordPress websites respectively and how to integrate it with website, visit the following link:

Product News

- Banckle has introduced a new feature which allows you to view whether you Banckle.Chat widget is online or offline and also the position of operator in graphical form. Read more about new features offered by Banckle.Chat App:

- Another new feature introduced by Banckle is to view the list of chat requests missed by the signed-in operator during last seven days and you can reply to them through email using Banckle chat console area.

- Banckle has released live chat cloud API for PHP website developers which will allow them to integrate Banckle.Chat for Cloud API with their website without installing anything on computer.

- Banckle.CRM App now allows you to forward emails to your contacts and you can also send new emails and reply to the received messages. Check out more features offered by Banckle.CRM App:

- Banckle.Helpdesk App now allows you to add custom field for issue tickets to better manage the customer requests. Read about more features Banckle.Helpdesk App is providing:

- Banckle.Meeting cloud API now allows you to upload file during meeting or before meeting by adding it in your code. Read more about Banckle Online Meeting in cloud here:

- Banckle has updated Banckle.Helpdesk plugin for WordPress to capture tickets directly from your website and provide assistance to your customer.

- Banckle has also updated Banckle.CRM plugin for WordPress which allows you to place contact capture form on your website and save the contact directly into Banckle.CRM.

Coming Soon

- Banckle.Campaign for Joomla

Joomla website developers can integrate Banckle.Campaign plugin on their websites to design and send attractive newsletter to their customers. They can also incorporate many other exciting campaign features on their website.

- Banckle.Campaign for WordPress:

Banckle soon will be releasing Banckle.Campaign plugin for WordPress to manage campaigns, create custom templates, send targeted marketing campaigns, manage user lists and subscribers or perform widget integration.

Community Buzz

- Our Banckle.Chat App is listed in Top Ten Live Chat Vendors at
- Our Banckle.Chat App is mentioned in the list of 09 Free WordPress Plugins For Live Chat on
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