Life Force Intl. Online Retailer Joins Worldwide Movement for Ethics in Business

Life Force International member and online retailer has joined an international campaign that seeks 25,000 business leaders pledging to follow practices that will prevent future Enrons and Bailouts.

Online PR News – 28-August-2009 – –, an online retailer of Life Force International products, has joined forces with other organizations around the world to help create a climate that will eventually make future Enron-type business scandals impossible.

"When it comes to skepticism, it's a double-whammy for us," said Carolyn Schlicher, part-owner of "Not only are we an Internet retailer, which even today older people can still be 'iffy' about, we also sell products from a company whose compensation plan is in the multi-level marketing format. Sometimes people hear 'MLM' and instantly think it's a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme." A Ponzi/Pyramid scheme is a business format where one company or person enlists other people to join their business via a fee and compensates those members with later members' joining fees, rather than through any profit the business might make. Eventually, there is not enough income to compensate everyone who has joined and people joining toward the "bottom" of the pyramid lose any monies invested in that company. Reputable multi-level marketing is a business construct whereby the company pays its members to advertise the company instead of advertising it themselves.

Pledge founder Shel Horowitz created the business ethics pledge when he became fed up with the lack of honesty, integrity, and quality shown in the business world. An experienced organizer of campaigns, he knew that if even 25,000 people could take a stand for these core values, lives could be changed in the business world. "Signing the Pledge shows moral leadership and a commitment to valuing people as human beings, and not just dollars on a spreadsheet," said Horowitz. "It tells the public that you know the difference between right and wrong, that you factor the public good into your business planning, and that you understand supporting the values of honesty, integrity, and quality will actually grow your business."

The pledge text addresses those issues as well as "treating all stakeholders fairly," recognizing "that even my competitors can become important allies," not tolerating crooked business practices and when encountering "such practices, I will refuse to go along with them and report them to appropriate authorities within and outside the company." It concludes with the pledger committing to environmental, social, and financial responsibility and to participate in getting others in business to focus on these principles.

Mrs. Schlicher and her husband, Darryl, started after becoming members of Life Force International in 2006. Life Force is a 25-year old San Diego-based company specializing in whole food liquid nutrition and other natural liquid supplementation and homeopathy helps. The Schlichers joined the company after Mrs. Schlicher found a noteworthy improvement in her seasonal allergies from the company's flagship product, Body Balance liquid whole food supplement. "We certainly weren't looking to start a business. It's kind of like the business found us, and we've seen become a preferred Life Force International Internet retailer." Schlicher says she has seen mostly reputable dealings from fellow Life Force members who also sell via the Internet, but she felt the ethics pledge needed to be signed to clarify that could be trusted over other nutrition websites on the Internet in general. As their legal business name implies, they can be found on the web at

Schlicher stated that their dedication to the Christian faith, especially treating others the way they wanted to be treated, has always guided their dealings with customers, other businesses, and members who have joined their downline. "We try to treat other people the way we want to be treated." She finished, "The pledge is simply another outward expression of that."