Australian Fashion Designer Unveils Next-Generation Designer HandbagGeneration

Going Dancing’s groundbreaking Showstopper stylishly liberates women & men from bulky handbags and wallets.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Mandurah, WA - August 05, 2010 -- Going Dancing, an emerging worldwide fashion accessories leader, today announced the release of The Showstopper, a completely new concept in designer handbag fashion.Available exclusively through Going Dancing’s online store, the Showstopper is living up to its name, with fashion journalists and handbag reviewers clamoring to review and report on this novel handbag concept that promises to turn the fashion accessories market on its head.

Liberating the World From Conventional Handbags & Wallets
The Showstopper is a conveniently sized purse that is worn on the left or right wrist and is designed to hold keys, money, a mobile phone, and ID for hands-free convenience. It is perfectly sized to replace a larger, bulkier designer handbag or wallet that can often be an inconvenience in a variety of social settings.

“A genuine Showstopper won’t stop you from doing anything,” says Showstopper creator and Going Dancing founder Stacey Cole. “It gives you the freedom to do as you please, with complete peace of mind.”

For ladies, the Showstopper can be used in place of a handbag at weddings, proms, formal balls, and other formal occasions when carrying a bag can be cumbersome. In addition, the Showstopper is equally convenient in casual settings, such as at the beach or simply going out on the town for a night of fun.

The men’s version of the Showstopper allows guys to finally ditch their bulky wallet and keep their ID, money, and keys in one easy-to-access wrist pouch. The men’s Showstopper is perfect for the beach, hiking, fishing, athletics, and any other setting where a lost or stolen wallet would be a nightmare.

Style At Arm’s Length
For generations, pairing and coordinating handbags with outfits has been a primary focus of fashion-conscious women. The Showstopper now allows ladies to revolutionize the way they accessorize their outfits by choosing a Showstopper that matches their look and the occasion they are dressing for. “It’s the fashion statement that fits your style and your lifestyle, whatever that may be,” says Stacey.

Floral and corsage Showstopper models in a variety of colors offer formal designs that essentially hide the purse function and lend a lavish touch to any formal dress or gown, while the classic and modern Showstopper models come in many styles and colors for a wide range of different casual settings and looks.

A New Alternative To Jewellery
With the Showstopper, accessorizing on your wrist is no longer limited to watches and bracelets. The wide range of designs and variety of styles and colors give men and women alike the option of collecting a varied collection of different Showstopper models for different outfits. The Showstopper looks great complementing gold, silver, gems, and other jewellery worn on the hands and wrists.

The Dawn of the New Design
Going dancing is poised to redefine the way that women accessorize and choose handbags. No longer must ladies be locked in to carrying a bulky handbag or chained down by having to hold onto a small purse, stifling fun and freedom. The Showstopper gives women worldwide the opportunity to leave their handbag at home and carry all of their essentials in a stylish, innovative new designer handbag.

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