Latest Time & Attendance Systems in Coquitlam

Canadian Time System has announced its advanced time and attendance systems for commercial sector in Canada.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – CTS is known for its different facility management solutions in BC, Canada. Presently, it has announced its latest time & attendance systems for the commercial sector of Coquitlam and nearby regions.

Time & attendance systems matter a lot in business sector to keep eyes on whereabouts of employees as well as security guards. As far as time & attendance systems of CTC are concerned, it is divided into different types like:

On time finger-print system
• Rugged optical sensor with 1-touch, 1-second user recognition.
• Multi language support
• Built-in serial and Ethernet ports
• Read finger-prints and / or PINs
• Multi-level password protection
• Attendance exception tracking
• Shift schedule support
• Fully customizable

Jupiter 1000 system
• Takes less time in payroll process
• Multi-level password security
• Handles different department and job
• Offers extensive history reporting
• Full-featured employees’/ department / job scheduling

RTC-1000 Universal
• Its keypad entry is simple to use
• This attendance system is perfect for such company which needs advanced functionality and reporting system.
• It has remote access of payroll data
• Able to maintain records of 50 – 250 employees easily
• It calculates total time, wage and overtime of employees.

Biometric hand Reader
• It comes with red / green light indicator
• Eliminates buddy punching
• Comes with hand geometry technology
• It is easy and fast to use

Hence, in this way, these time & attendance systems are helping commercial sectors of Richmond, BC.

CTS offer PC-based competent facility management solutions across Canada. Its long product lines for vertical markets include key control systems, security guard tour systems, PC based time & attendance systems, wall clocks and much more.