Africa's Air Quality Amongst the Worst in the World, Hospitals and Clinics Call on HealthWay

State Run Hospitals, clinics and medical facilities call on HealthWay the global leading air cleaner manufacturer to provide relief for Doctors and patients.

Online PR News – 25-September-2014 – Pulaski, New York – An Article published by Katie Galbraith of the New York Times sheds light on how serious Africa's indoor air pollution problem is. The World Health Organization, showed Gaborone, Botswana, as having the eighth-highest level of particulate pollution among the list of world cities. Further In Nairobi, the Kenyan Capital, normal levels of fine dust which are the most hazardous to human health are five times higher than those found in cities like Gothenburg Sweden.

Poor indoor air quality is even more of a concern in laboratories, medical clinics, and hospitals. HealthWay a world leading manufacturer of commercial, residential and medical air cleaners, has partnered with many laboratories, clinics and hospitals throughout Africa. In September, Prime Medical Hospital in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria went through a total hospital installation with HealthWay's advanced medical grade air cleaners which have been proven to capture greater than 99.99% of all ultrafine particles down to .007 micron. Further Healthway’s advanced air cleaners come equipped with super adsorbent Volatile Organic Compound filters used for heavy odor and gas adsorption generated by building materials, equipment, and industry. Before and after studies conducted by Brisadson Inspection Company based in Lagos, Nigeria showed an improvement of 90% in ultrafine particle pollution in as little as a few hours. Further installations are happening throughout other institutions and hospitals like Hope Valley Fertility Center in Lagos Nigeria where air is being continuously scrubbed through HealthWay’s advanced air cleaning systems to protect embryo’s through the in-vitro fertilization process.

Vinny Lobdell, President of Pulaski, New York based HealthWay stated, "We are proud that our products and solutions are having a profound impact all around the globe. HealthWay continues to focus in on providing solutions for the most mission critical locations like Hope Valley Fertility Center and Prime Medical Hospital in Nigeria."


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