Ozoniers.com Facilitates Effective Wastewater Treatment with Newly Launched Ozone Generator

Ozoniers.com recently launched an ozone generator which can be highly fitting for the purpose.

Online PR News – 27-September-2014 – China – China - Ozoniers.com, a brand of Qingdao Danjia Machinery, is solely into wastewater treatment research and development. The China based waste water treatment equipment manufacturer has recently announced the newest patented innovation, an Ozone Generator , which is believed to be highly effective in disinfection, purification and sterilization of waste water. The precision machines manufactured by the company are highly effective in waste water treatment and other core industrial processes. The owners have stated that the Ozone generating machine will provide turnkey solution to large industries.

Ozoniers.com has been into designing, manufacturing and installing integrity-based precision machinery since its inception. With a decade-long industry presence, the Qingdao, China based company has now become a trusted wastewater treatment solution provider for many of its client concerns. The patented ozone generation system, dubbed as Ozonator, is an easy-to-install ozone generation system that can supply high-quality oxygen. The precision machine can produce high-chroma ozone and provide a stable solution to businesses. The system comes with an auto-timer and the owners have claimed that the air purifier can function without little or no human manual control.

“Ozonator can be effectively used as an air purifier across industries and particularly in pharmaceutical industry, dyeing and printing industry, petroleum and chemical waste water treatment as well as in municipal waste water treatment. We aim to provide end-to-end industrial oxidisation solution to public sector enterprises, government departments, waste gas treatment plants, and myriad other industry players. Our ozone generators are very different from the traditional air purification machines and we can assure non-hazardous air purification solution to businesses and individuals”, one of the owners at Ozoniers.com told the press here.

Ozonier.com now offers wall-mounted ozone generator, reverse osmosis systems for effective water purification, double air showers, window purifiers, precision water filters, cargo shower rooms, water softeners and many other types of industry-grade precision machinery and water treatment system . The industry-standard appliances manufactured by Ozonier.com are built in compliance with the EU standards and specifications. “Though we are based out of China, we deliver our products worldwide and hope to take an effective role in large-scale wastewater treatment”, one of the senior marketing executives expressed during a recent press conference.

About the Company

Ozoniers.com is the online retail division of Qingdao Danjia Machinery.

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