STC Takes Canadians To India

STC takes MS patients and others to India for treatment. Personalized service helps clients get medical treatment without waiting.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Recently, many Canadians have gone to India for MS treatment. MS patients want a better life style now. Some fearing death, want a chance to live. MS patients can not wait for treatment. Those that can afford to pay for treatment opt for action elsewhere now.

How are they making the arrangements for treatment? The answer is they are not. Saleem Sayeed of Surgical Tourism Canada says: “There are far too many details to arrange, pitfalls and risks to avoid. It is not always easy to make medical travel arrangements.” Most Canadians are relying upon Surgical Tourism Canada, STC, to make all the arrangements. No wait lists are involved. Treatment is prompt.

Why do so many Canadians seek STC for help? Prompt, reliable, personalized service, treatment by leading doctors in internationally certified hospitals, and medical procedure insurance are big factors in making decisions. STC has years of experience, trained personnel, and works only with trustworthy reliable travel professionals and the world’s best medical experts.

100 MS patients have used STC personal services to arrange their Liberation Treatments. They want clearer thinking; better vision more acute hearing, more finger dexterity, and a more responsive controllable body. They want feelings, the abilities to sit up and bend over and walk, to swallow and to feed themselves.

“Although STC facilitates medical tourism for all medical conditions, many, many people are contacting us on line now for MS Liberation” Says Saleem Sayeed. “If you do not want to wait contact us now at”

For more information contact Surgical Tourism Canada:, or call: 1-877-871-4315


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