FabTrol Systems / Peddinghaus joint effort integrates FabTrol MRP with Peddinghaus machinery

FabTrol MRP now delivers CNC data to Peddinghaus controllers, then updates part status in real time based on electronic feedback from the controller.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Peddinghaus Corporation, a world leader in steel fabricating tool technologies, and FabTrol Systems, a world leader in steel fabrication management software, have teamed up to provide automated, seamless production routing, tracking and status updates between Peddinghaus CNC machinery and FabTrol MRP Version 3.4. Representatives from both companies worked together closely to build integrating software that allows Peddinghaus’s Peddimat software to interface effectively with FabTrol MRP.

This recent integration allows steel fabricators to easily export production batch information to their Peddinghaus equipment that includes routing and CNC data needed to fabricate a production batch. FabTrol MRP automatically routes assemblies and their parts to the appropriate fabrication area and exports the CNC files to the correct network folder. This allows Peddinghaus software to deliver them to the correct machine at the correct time. When this technology is combined with FabTrol MRP’s Automatic Data Collection module, real-time, roundtrip part completion reporting is provided automatically. This round trip data exchange (i.e., CNC data from FabTrol MRP to the shop floor with completion data coming back to FabTrol MRP) ensures that fabricators have accurate production progress data for their own use and to share with their customers in real time.

Fabricators can learn more about the proven benefits of integrating FabTrol MRP’s Advanced Production modules with CNC controllers in a FabTrol Systems’ case study. This case study documents the benefits realized by Trinity Steel Fabricators when they implemented this capability on a 22,000 ton industrial structural project. By successfully integrating FabTrol MRP with their CNC machinery, Trinity Steel was able to accurately match over 150,000 CNC files to the right machine for the assemblies that needed to be produced. The resulting reliability won their customer’s confidence and the award of additional tonnage.

Fabricators who own FabTrol MRP’s Advanced Production modules and Peddinghaus equipment can immediately realize similar benefits. Fabricators considering the purchase of FabTrol MRP or Peddinghaus equipment can make the investment with full confidence that this integration capability will maximize their return.

FabTrol Systems’ Advanced Production module also integrates with CNC machinery from other manufacturers, such as Controlled Automation. Fabricators who are interested in integrating machinery from Peddinghaus or other manufacturers should contact FabTrol Systems and the manufacturer of their CNC machines. FabTrol Systems welcomes the opportunity to work with new partners in the steel fabrication supply chain.

For more information, visit www.fabtrol.com or call 541-485-4719.

FabTrol Systems, a proud member of the Dowco Group, has been the leading supplier of steel fabrication management software for 25 years. In one modular integrated solution, FabTrol MRP provides management tools for estimating, drawings, materials, production, and shipping. Founded by steel fabricators, and still built around a core team of former steel fabricators, the company continues its commitment to the industry by actively seeking feedback from its customer companies—over 1,000 globally—and by working with other industry leaders to address existing and future needs.

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