New Transmission Electron Microscope Announced By Hitachi

Hitachi High-Technologies, a leading manufacturer of electron microscopes, has announced the launch of the HT7700 transmission electron microscope. The HT7700 is designed for bio-medical research and R&D for pharmaceutical, advanced materials and nanotechnology.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – The new HT7700 120 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM) from Hitachi High-Technologies is set to make life much easier for microscopists. The revolutionary HT7700 features 100% integration of all functions into the graphical user interface. The HT7700 is the latest in Hitachi’s popular H-7000 series of TEMs optimized for high contrast imaging at low electron doses. Designed for bio-medical research and R&D for pharmaceutical, advanced materials and nanotechnology, over 800 units of the H-7000 series have been shipped worldwide.

The HT7700 features a unique, high sensitivity real-time digital CCD camera which enables all microscope operations to be performed through the graphical user interface - including setup, alignment, image adjustment and image acquisition. Practical operation is performed on a console separate from the electron column, similar to SEM – reducing the installation space required and making the instrument easier and more intuitive to use by ensuring that all functions are available in one location.

The integrated real-time camera provides higher sensitivity than a traditional fluorescent screen – so live high-contrast imaging is performed easily in a fully-lit room, and traditionally challenging low-contrast specimens can be easily observed. Similarly, beam sensitive specimens can be more easily observed than previous generation instruments which required higher illumination levels in order to observe meaningful contrast by eye on a fluorescent screen. The standard high-sensitivity real-time camera can also be supplemented with a choice of higher resolution CCDs which are also fully integrated into the HT7700 user interface.

Enhanced digital imaging capabilities include Hitachi’s EMIP-SP image management system for image archiving, classification and video acquisition, as well as fully-integrated dual-axis auto-tilt series acquisition (optional) and EMIP-3D three-dimensional reconstruction software (optional).

The high performance turbo molecular pumping system is part of Hitachi’s eco-friendly design and not only ensures excellent vacuum and low contamination rates, but also results in extremely low power consumption.

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