Kymaro Body Shaper For A Bodacious and Curvaceous Figure

This press release is aimed at enlightening the readers about the Kymaro body shapers, its remarkable features, numerous advantages and how it helps women to get a incredible figure instantaneously.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Kymaro body shaper is a gift to all those women who have less than perfect figures as it is transforms a humdrum figure into striking. In an era when being shapely and slim is given much importance, women often look for ways and means to shape up in as little time as possible. While regular exercise and sticking to healthy diet is still the best method of losing weight, these require a very long time before the results are actually visible. In this scenario, kymaro body shaper is chosen by many women who desire a more shapely silhouette not only on special occasions but every single day.
The body shaper is designed to slim down the wearer along with concealing all the unsightly bulges to give smoother contours without causing any discomfort.
Kymaro body shaper is a complete contrast to the body shapers of yesteryears. Not only are they much more comfortable and flexible, they are also better designed and smoother. They work by compressing the body fat and spreading it evenly to other body parts. They help in giving a sleek look to the entire body and especially problem areas like stomach, waist, thighs and butts. Since Kymaro body shaper is made from super smooth and breathable fabric, it does not make the wearer feel constricted in any way even if it is worn for several hours in a day.

Kymaro Body shaper is designed to be worn as an undergarment and consists of a top and a short. The body shaper is available in two shades of black and nude and has sizes ranging from 32(A-B) to 44(D-D). This makes it convenient for almost anybody to wear it under any type of dress, irrespective of the dress material. Kymaro body shaper helps the wearer to reduce up to 3 dress sizes as soon as it is worn and with regular usage many women have reported that their bodies don’t regain the size even when they are not wearing the body shaper. As it doesn’t cause any restriction in free movement, the wearer can carry on their routine activities like sitting, eating and even dancing without giving a second thought.

Regular use of Kymaro body shaper can actually help women in losing inches permanently and tightening the skin because cellulite cells break down and get flushed out from the body when they remain compressed for a long time.

This amazing body shaper is available at at an equally incredible price of $39.95. Each body shaper comes with loads of freebies for which only shipping charges are to be paid. To order kymaro body shaper or view other kymaro beauty products, log on to

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