Centre Of Advanced Lipoaspiracao In Rio Bestows Body Shape

Situated in Rio De Janeiro, the Centre Of Advanced Lipoaspiracao assures successful liposuction under local anaesthesia or lipo com anesthesia local.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Body shaping has got a new definition with the advance of medical science, in the form of Lipoaspiracao (liposuction). The human body is a wonderful gift. However this gift may not always come as desired. There are parts of the body which we wish had been better shaped?

Sometimes you simply wish that your buttocks looked better! If only the flesh would not spill out like that when you wore your favourite Levi’s jeans! Or the pregnancy would not have brought that extra abdomen fat! If you are just tired of adhering to crash diets and exercising does not fit your hectic schedule, opt for liposuction.

Liposuction or Lipoaspiracao is a form of plastic surgery where excess fat is removed by suction using specialized equipment. Fat cells are removed from the body but there is very less blood loss and discomfort in this kind of surgery.

This centre assures to perform the procedure of lipo under only local anaesthesia. The result; you can breathe or even listen to music as the surgery is being performed! And even then you are being operated under secure and safe circumstances.

The spokesperson of the centre told us that their team is led by trained plastic surgeons that are specialized in the field of plastic surgery by the Federal Council of Medicine. They have also specialized from the Society of Plastic Surgery in Brazil. On top of that, the centre ensures that the local anaesthesia is performed using advanced techniques that can help their patients to recover fast.

The centre offers a number of lipoaspiracao services to its patients. The procedure undertakes lipo de abdomen (abdominal lipoaspiracao), arm lipo, culote lipo, (liposuction in trousers), ginecomastia (liposuction in male mammary glands), and so forth. It also offers liposuction in male and female breasts and double chin liposuction as well.

Safety measures are strictly followed by this centre, where it insists on performing only liposuction in the hospital under extremely clean environment. They see to it that the patient does not undergo any infection, due to other ailing patients during the course of the surgery.

The centre has an excellent safety record and holds testimonials from a number of patients thanking them for their services. Besides this, they offer medical consultation to their patients before the day of procedure. Their site also provides pre-care and after care tips. To get these tips visit http://www.sualipo.com.br/cuidados-pre-procedimentorios.htm.

Their charges are all inclusive and have no hidden costs. Their prices cover, the surgical procedure, cost of compression garments, the required drugs and the fee of the anaesthesiologist. This means no trips to the pharmacy for any additional medical supplements.

About The Centre:

Centre of Advanced Lipoaspiracao is situated in Rio de Janeiro, and provides a variety of liposuction services to its customers. The centre has state of the art equipment and expert surgical team to perform the surgical procedure with efficiency and utmost care.

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