Generate HelpDesk Report and Case-Sensitive Tags with Banckle.Helpdesk App

Banckle.Helpdesk app allows you to use helpdesk tool in cloud which enables you to provide web-based ticketing management systems to your customers.

Online PR News – 23-September-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle.Helpdesk app provides customer helpdesk tool hosted in cloud which offers many new and enhanced features to make it a better customer support and web-based ticketing management system. Cloud hosted Banckle.Helpdesk app allows you to check and respond to customer issue, integrate multiple mailboxes, generate detailed activity reports, automate ticket creation, manage contacts, capture tickets from your website and offers many other helpdesk features, you can read about these features here:

The detail of some of the important helpdesk features is given below:

- Banckle.Helpdesk app allows you to use pre-defined response messages with customers to make the customer request-respond cycle speedy. This app also allows you to create new canned messages, update or delete the existing ones.

- Banckle.Helpdesk app allows you to create new and customized departments to better manage the inquires destined for a particular department. For example, to handle the sales department inquiries, you can create Sales department and assign operators with relevant skill set to answer those customer queries. Likewise, you can create technical department to handle technical queries. With this feature, you can efficiently organize tickets and manage the resources of your team.

- Banckle.Helpdesk app allows you to generate detailed helpdesk report based on the set of summary reports generated frequently to analyze different performance aspects of team.

- You can create tags using Banckle.Helpdesk app to better manage the email-based customer communication. These tags can be case sensitive and can be categorized by type, product name or version etc.

Overview: Banckle.Helpdesk

Banckle.Helpdesk is an Online Customer Support App which automatically creates support tickets for all the incoming email messages. You can also integrate and manage multiple mailboxes under one account. This helpdesk app organizes all the generated tickets under different mailboxes. You can also link Google Mail, POP3 and IMAP mailboxes using the mailbox wizard as well as organize incoming email workflows to a single helpdesk account. It offers platform and OS independence to the users and is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

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