New ColorWeight Display Increases Efficiency of Molding Machine Operations

DATELINE -- METTLER TOLEDO’s introduces the BBA449 counting scale that provides accurate counting and allows molding machine operators to more effectively supervise machines, resulting in process efficiency and productivity.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – The BBA449’s unique colorWeight® display alerts operators if boxes are full or almost full through a color-changing feature. These color changes are visible from a distance, especially useful for operators responsible for multiple machines.

The back-lit display of the BBA449 counting scale can change color from light blue to green, yellow or red. The color change parameters can be set with the numerical keyboard, allowing the operator to program the display to change to one of the three colors once the preset number of parts has been reached. Users can customize the system to specify which color they want to allocate to which status.

The BBA449 counting scale can also communicate with the molding machine via RS232 or digital I/O. This function can be used to slow down or stop the machine automatically if the box is full, allowing for greater efficiency and ease-of-use.

The colorWeight display also supports manual order filling of many identical portions in the shipping department. The graphical bar at the lower end of the display rapidly shows the filling status of the targeted portion, giving the operator updated information during the entire filling process. The bar graph in combination with the colorWeight display increases filling speed and reduces time-consuming manual corrections of over- or under-fill.