Up To 90% UV Protection Now Possible Using Shaded Nation Sun Sails

Shaded Nation established 3 years ago to provide high quality UV protection and sun shade for outdoor environments in a wide variety of locations, including homes, schools, nurseries, care homes, pubs and restaurants.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Shaded Nation believes that sun sails could be the solution, offering up to 90% UV protection from both the rain and the sun’s UV radiation.

Kent, United Kingdom, August 5th 2010 – The British summer has been typically unpredictable and highly variable as usual, leaving many people wondering how to prepare adequately for the weather, whilst protecting themselves from it at the same time. From rain to sun, from getting wet to getting burnt, the British weather continues to provide a range of problems for those who either enjoy spending time outside, or who provide a service or facility for their customers to eat, drink, relax, shop or play outdoors. The answer in almost every case is to install sun sails from Shaded Nation, a striking new architectural feature that not only requires no planning permission in most cases, but offers huge benefits in both the rain and the sun.

Constructed from marine grade canvas and attached to either free standing steel poles or fixed to buildings, the sun sails available from Shaded Nation provide excellent protection from almost all weathers, but during the summer time they are most often used as a great way to protect people from the sun.

Offering up to 90% UV reduction, sun sails help to protect your skin, or that of your family, children or customers, as well as cutting out much of the heat which can make sitting outside an uncomfortable experience after a while. Stunning to look at, the sun sails available from Shaded Nation can be ordered in any of four different colours and a set of four standard sizes are also available, although custom sun sails can be ordered if required.
To protect children whilst playing outdoors, to provide a comfortable, safe and protected place to have a barbecue, or to provide the facility for customers to enjoy being outside without the discomfort and danger of direct sunlight is easy and affordable, with sun sails from Shaded Nation.

For more information about Shaded Nation or to learn more about their range of sun sails, visit their website at http://www.shadednation.com/

About Shaded Nation

Shaded Nation is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sun sails and shade sails, providing up to 90% UV protection. Sun sails are available with them in various shapes and colours ready to be put up as garden shades and patio shades.