Recycle Your Waste Batteries through – Announcement By

Acting effectively on the government’s act on CO2 emissions and environmental contamination through batteries and hazardous materials, has announced the Mobile Battery Recycle facility on its website. According to the press release,the website takes back any unwanted used batteries that are recycled.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Effective waste management has always been quite problematic for most of the developed countries. Things like dead batteries often are thrown into the garbage which leads to hazardous contamination of the entire ecosystem. This was one of the most debated topics that led the government to take up the issue seriously and issue orders asking every electronic retailer to explicitly perform recycling of used phone batteries., a leading online retailer of mobile phones and accessories which include various batteries, has announced the effective Mobile Battery Recycle facility that they have. The used batteries can be disposed off through their website. These batteries are then recycled to keep them away from contaminating the earth’s ecology. Sure enough, this move is definitely very useful as this would reduce wrong or incorrect battery disposal by a large extent.

The General Manager of, Matthias Gaunt said, “Used batteries are the number one sources of polluting agents. These are not bio-degradable and cause extensive damage to the environment and the ecosystem. is proud to adhere strictly to the existing law on used battery disposal and recycling as we consider this to be a responsible act towards maintaining the sanctity of our planet.”

The returns address for the Mobile Battery Recycle facility has also been mentioned on their website, so it is obvious that no chances are being taken to miss phone battery recycling( The service is free of charge and does not involve any other formality other than you sending the dead batteries to them. The rest is taken care of by the website completely.

It has become very vital that customers and consumers of every electronic gadget get to know about such facilities. It is often due to the lack of proper awareness that people often dispose of the batteries which are unwanted and used, inappropriately. Such Phone battery recycling facilities, as provided by, are sure to help in reducing the impact of non-biodegradable substances on our planet.

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