Different Meat Products of South Seas

South Seas, a meat supplier in Surrey, BC has recently introduced its updated meat products line to serve wide choices and meat needs of clients.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Surrey, BC: South Seas, a BC-based meat supplier has come up with its updated meat product line feature. It has recently started serving its clients with wide products line for meat of chicken, goat, lamb, beef and seafood in Surrey and adjoining regions of Vancouver, BC.

This meat supplier has been serving different industries in Surrey, BC with its quality meat products since 1987. After gaining customers’ faith in supply and distribution of meat products, it has now come up with its impressive meat product line.

According to this, customers can select their choice of product line from neck to leg part of lamb, beef, goat, chicken and seafood.


Product line for goat meat is divided into several parts like leg cuts, rack cuts, shank cuts, short loin cuts and shoulder cuts. Leg cuts are further divided into semi boneless, easy carve leg and steak bones in.

Shank cut is sub-divided into parts like fore shank and hind shank French. Rack, shoulder and short loin cuts also come with certain divisions for customer’s choice.


Customers who are interested in lamb meat can make choices for lamb’s product line including neck slice, rack, shoulder, short loin, hind shank, breast, fore shank and leg.


Product line of beef is too long and individuals are free to place order for different cuts like brisket, chuck, flank, hip, rib, short loin, sirloin etc.


Chicken lovers are allowed to place order for turkey drums, turkey breast, split chicken, liver, light fowl, boneless skinless leg / thigh etc.


Protein-rich seafood appear with options of black cod, Fiji fish, octopus, white fish, sea bass, squid and much more in its product line.

Customers can therefore take help of South Seas to place order for any of these meat products with respective product line and quantity.